The Doctor Who – Pond Life connection

BBC One is currently in the midst of running a mini-series dubbed Pond Life which serves as a connection between the long-gapped sixth and seventh seasons of Doctor Who.

The mini-series, which is running for the week leading up to the premiere episode of the new season in five parts of two to three minutes apiece, focuses on the home lives of the Ponds, the couple who have been The Doctor’s companions for two seasons now.

It also explain the events that prompt the once happy couple o divorce each other in the new season. Mostly, it deals with the chaos caused in their home with The Doctor constantly coming and going from their lives, and shifting them around in time.

According to regular Doctor Who writer Chris Chibnail, who penned this mini-series: “Pond Life provides us with a lovely opportunity to catch up with Amy and Rory since we saw them at the end of the last series. It opens with them at home and gives us an insight into just what happens when the Doctor drops in and out of their lives. Travelling with the Doctor is one of the greatest things you can do, but it’s fun to spend a few moments looking at the chaos he can also bring.”

In this BBC One video interview the stars, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darville chat about the project and let us know what to expect:

The first two parts of Pond Life are up now on BBC’s Doctor Who website. The remaining episodes will appear there over the next few days, with the final episode appearing on August 31st.