Superhero Kick-Ass 2 in the works

Universal is currently in talks to produce and distribute a sequel to the 2010 super hero dramedy based on the short comics line.

The first film was produced by Matthew Vaughn, and distributed by Lionsgate. 

While the film didn’t make a huge splash, mostly because it didn’t receive a wide release, Kick Ass did garner a lot of critical praise, and the profits were high relative to the low-budget of the film.

Now Vaughn wants to create a sequel, and sees enough potential that he’s approached a major motion picture studio to have the film produced with a higher budget and national distribution.

Vaughn wrote the new screenplay, but doesn’t want to direct again, and so has chosen Jeff Wadlow to helm the project in his place.

The film will cover the events of the short comics line Kick -Ass 2, which came out after the first film, as well as the spinoff Hit-Girl, which follows the adventures of one of the major characters from the first story.

The actors from the first film are expected to return.

It’s certainly odd, but not exactly unheard of for a major studio to green light a sequel to a film that was originally presented as an indie project. Production is slated to begin in September if a deal can be struck.