Ponds departure spoiled by on-set visitor

The Doctor Who team recently completed filming the one episode that nearly all fans are eager to know more about.

Fortunately, a visitor to the set posted a number of spoilers, so we don’t have to wait that long at all for more news.

We already know the monsters for the final Ponds episode will be the Weeping Angels. These enigmatic aliens only move while no one is looking and attack by sending their enemies back in time far enough that they’ll be dead by the time they age back up to the present.

You would think they wouldn’t cause all that much trouble for for a time-traveling immortal, but in this case, there seems to be a problem when one of them gets Rory.

There is no explanation as to why they don’t just go and retrieve him from wherever he ends up. Perhaps it is one of those incidents where they find him already old or dead, and decide the past can’t be changed, so instead, Amy decides that she must go back to join him.

This explains the 1930’s New York City setting, and means the graveyard is likely where they find Rory after the Angel sends him back.

This set visitor also described a scene which was filming at the time:

(Amy) ran out from the TARDIS and stopped dead in front of the Weeping Angel and called the Doctor. He and River ran out in a hurry – River stopping behind – and the Doctor slowly approached the Angel. He stopped and tried pulling Amy away, but she was ignoring him and slowly walking towards the Angel. The Doctor was screaming, ‘No, no don’t do this, please!’ River tried pulling the Doctor away, but he carried on. River said, ‘Come on, there’s nothing we can do.’ The Doctor shouted, ‘NO!’ And then went up to Amy (who was still walking towards the Angel). He then entered the TARDIS in anger and sadness, followed by River. Then they cut and just repeated the scene over again.”

That’s just about as spoiled as it gets.

All signs are pointing to this episode being a major turning point for this Doctor. Perhaps the second half of the season will see a slightly more subdued Doctor with the fate of the Ponds weighing heavily upon him.

The new season of Doctor Who begins this fall. Due to BBC budgetary constraints, the season will be split across the new year.