LEGO app moves the super heroes

LEGO has rolled out a new iPhone app which allows users to easily create stop motion videos.

The software is branded with the likeness of the LEGO DC superheroes characters, and is marketed specifically as an app for making stop motion videos of LEGO DC minifigures.

The app also includes title cards, graphics, and open-license musical scores, all of which are obviously targeted at fans of LEGO DC super heroes films.

The interface is designed to be as easy to use as possible. As such, don’t expect a lot of advanced video production options, though basic editing of the film, and YouTube publishing can be done within the app.

The video above offers a brief example of how the app can be used, along with some instructions for production. True, it’s a bit kid-oriented, but one can still see the potential for some neat stuff here. Unfortunately, there are currently no announced plans to make the app available on any other platform.

The app is part of a wider campaign to promote the new LEGO DC superheroes lines. LEGO Batman has been a popular product for years, but the toy company only recently released other members of the DC universe as minifigures, like Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, along with a number of additional villains. The building kits represent a range of bases and vehicles for the heroes.

LEGO has also recently made a deal to bring Marvel characters to their minifigure and building kit line-up, making it one of only a few companies to have successfully clinched merchandising deals with both of the ‘big two’ comics publishers.

LEGO DC Super Heroes Movie Maker is available now, at no charge, from the Apple iTunes store.