Looper preview puts on the nose

FilmDistrict has released a brief preview for its upcoming sci-fi action film Looper. The video serves as an announcement for the upcoming teaser trailer.

The idea of releasing a trailer for a trailer is not new, that’s essentially what teasers have always been, but does a preview of a teaser for a trailer go too far? Apparently not, since here I am writing about it, and here you are about to watch it.

The video is an introduction to the basic concept of the film, which is that a contract killer for the mob of the future, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt wearing a prosthetic nose, who has been tasked to kill a man who turns out to be himself having time-traveled from the future, played by Bruce Willis, whom the nose is supposed to make Gordon-Levitt look more like.

There is a brief explanation from Gordon-Levitt himself along-side director Rian Johnson.

Along with the romantic lead, Emily Blunt, this sounds like a great cast, and while the footage we have here doesn’t make the film look like an effects extravaganza, that’s usually a good thing for time travel stories, since the believability of the plot is usually in inverse proportion to the special effects budget. For a hyperbolic example, compare the amazingly indie Primer with the mainstream Terminator franchise.

Looper, which also stars Jeff Daniels and Piper Perabo, hits theaters September  28th, 2012. That teaser should go live later today.