Trailer for 7500 stows you under the seat

CBS Films has released the first trailer for its upcoming supernatural thriller, 7500. The film is about a plane which, while in flight over the Atlantic, has been taken over by an enigmatic presence. 

Potential Samuel L. Jackson jokes aside, the concept sounds a bit silly, but the trailer sells it a bit better than a simple description can:

The creep factor is definitely increased by the low-tempo rendition of Leaving on a Jet Plane.

Still, it looks like the film relies, at least partly on startle moments, which is no fun at all. At least they don’t give the monster away in the trailer.

7500 stars Ryan Kwanten, Leslie Bibb, Amy Smart, Jamie Chung, Christian Serratos, Scout Taylor-Compton and Johnathan Schaech. Director Takashi Shimizu directs, from a screenplay by Craig Rosenberg.

The synopsis of the movie is thus:

7500 follows a group of passengers who encounter what appears to be a supernatural force while on a transpacific flight. Kwanten and Smart co-star as married couple Brad and Pia Martin, who board Vista Pacific Flight 7500 with their two longtime friends for a trip to Japan. Bibb plays Laura Baxter, a flight attendant on the transpacific liner, who is involved in a complicated and secret relationship. Chung plays Suzy Lee, a newly-engaged flight attendant while Serratos co-stars as Raquel Mendoza, who boards the plane after sharing a secret with her boyfriend. Taylor-Compton plays Jacinta Beckett, who has a unique perspective on death.

7500 crashes into theaters August 31, 2012.