New trailer and clip for Chronicle

20th Century Fox has released a new trailer for its upcoming superpowered thriller, Chronicle

Chronicle is a found-footage style film with some major upgrades, like an interesting plot, and visuals that don’t make the pretence of being purposefully ugly and grainy.

Also, it’s not a horror film. Chronicle is a psychological super hero film which asks real questions, and looks like it boasts a real plot with dynamic characters.

Unless I’ve totally missed the mark, I believe this is the first major release, found-footage film which doesn’t rely on startles, scares, and monsters half-hidden in the shadows to tell its story, another welcome addition to the genre.

The film follows a trio of young men who find themselves imbued with a sort of telekinesis, which becomes stronger as they practice and learn their limits. One of them, however becomes disturbed, and lashes out in dangerous ways.

Along with the trailer, which is intended for prime-time television, we’ve got this vaguely creepy clip – via Machinima – of Andrew torturing a spider with his powers. 

The clip serves well as an introduction to where this character is coming from, and shows how his descent into darkness will progress slowly, starting with little, disturbing actions, rather than the mostly-harmless pranks of the other two boys.

Chronicle, which stars  Dane DeHaan (Jack and Diane), Michael B. Jordan (Red Tails), Michael Kelly (Man of Steel), Ashley Hinshaw (Cherry) and Alex Russell (Bait) was written by Max Landis (Good Time Gang) and directed by Josh Trank (The Kill Point).

The movie his theaters February 3, 2012.