Fringe Trailer isn’t what it seems

Fox has released a new Fringe trailer for the upcoming second half of season 4.

The trailer is in the form of rapid-fire clips from the season, some we’ve seen before, and some we haven’t. It looks like we’re going to be experiencing a lot more of the other universe going forward, which is fine, because this was something sorely lacking in the first half of the season. IMHO, I think it’s time we caught up with Walternate and Fauxlivia.

Interestingly enough, Fox is at least attempting to give the impression that the pace will pick up in the new episodes.

The season so far has been a bit slow, mostly focusing on Olivia and Lincoln, with a lot of character development for everyone. It feels like the beginning of a new show, full of the need to expose the audience slowly to the characters and places. They’re not explaining the basic premises, but it’s clear the writers feel we need a strong introduction to this new world – which leaves me to believe we’ll inevitably be stuck here. This is Peter’s new reality, and he will never get back ‘home’.

Yet another clue? How Peter is treating everyone. He’s very nice to them, like he’s a guest in their timeline, which I suppose he sort of is, but at the same time, is that how someone in his situation would act? Peter is a pretty practical guy, and he’s got to know that if he gets ‘home’ then he will have changed the past again, and everything that is true now will be undone once again.

None of this will have happened at all, so why should he care? Well, he wouldn’t – except the writers want to make sure Peter is properly initiated with the new characters in a way that doesn’t alienate him or create additional drama.

Fringe returns to Fox January 13, 2012 with Back to Where You’ve Never Been.