Thor 2 loses a director

Director Patty Jenkins has reportedly walked away from Thor 2 citing creative differences. However, Jenkins insists she left on good terms.

As you may recall, her placement surprised the industry when it was announced several months ago.

An unfortunate truth: female directors are rarely put in charge of big-budget action films.

Despite this, those who didn’t believe Jenkins had the directing experience to make it work were in the minority.

Admittedly, her film directing resume isn’t  very long, and includes no superhero films, or other productions of the ilk, but she has been known to make difficult and powerful decisions on set, such as with the Charlize Theron flick, Monster.

Of course, no matter who the studio chooses, it will be quite difficult to live up to Kenneth Branagh’s direction of the first film.

Plot details for Thor 2 are thus far non-existent – they’re not even done with the script quite yet, so there is no way to know what the disagreement was about. Likely, we’ll start to hear a lot more about it after the release of The Avengers this coming summer.

Now that Jenkins is off the project, the studio will have to find a new director right away if it hopes to stay on production schedule.

Pre-Production on Thor 2 will likely begin soon after a new director has been chosen. The release date has been rescheduled for November 15, 2013, several months later than the originally announced release date.