6 Popular Cosplay Events to Visit Around the World

Have you ever got a chance to be a part of a cosplay? If not, then you should probably try. Trust us it is fun. For those who don’t know what a cosplay is, it is an event where a bunch of people dress as a character from a movie, book or anime and meets together at a commonplace. This trend which is believed to have originated in Japan has since long spread to other parts of the world and every year hundreds of places see such as event taking place.

So if you also wish to step into the shoes of your favorite character, here are top 6 most popular cosplays for you to try.

1. World Cosplay Summit

Reading the name you would have realized the level of this event which is held in Japan. A global event organized once a year, WCS has people participating in numerous competitions which are held on a global scale. In 2017, 37 nations participate in this event as well as their representatives competed in the ‘Cosplay Championship’ to make their nation proud. This event which generally lasts for around a week has attendees and supporters from all over the globe, who visit WCS to see their favorite anime characters go live.

2. Katsucon

One of the other popular cosplay events across the globe, Katsucon last time saw an approximately 16,000 attendees being the part of its event. Held during the month of February, Katsucon offers free entry for children as well as charges a nominal fee of $30-$70 for adults. This event which is organized in U.S. each year was canceled this year due to the fire breaking out in its scheduled location. However, they on their website regularly update new events coming up and you can always find the one which suits your needs.

3. Dragon Con

A popular cosplay event of U.S., Dragon Con in 2017 saw around 80,000 people attending the event. This cosplay function, which is generally organized during the Labor Weekend sees people experimenting with their looks and trying to come up with modified characters of numerous science, fiction or art movies and books. Started in 1987 this convention is hosted by a private corporation and you will get tickets to this events either through the website or through e-mails.

4. Anime Expo

One of the largest North American cosplay events, anime expo serves as a platform where Japanese pop culture lovers come together dressed as their favorite anime character. With around 1, 00,000 attendees coming to this event it sure is one of the most popular gatherings for an anime lover to be at. Started in the year 1992 this event has become an annual affair held during the month of July. Should you be interested in knowing more about it, or being a participant of same, visit their website which contains all the information you need.

5. Lucca Comic & Games

Lucca Comic & Games is a cosplay convention organized in the city of Lucca, Italy. The best part of this event is there are no fixed counters or any organized section, rather there are photographers, artists talking, walking and mingling with each other. However don’t let this fool you into thinking of this event as a small one, in fact, this event is almost three times in size than the anime expo (Yes! It’s true). There are artists from all over Europe coming to this convention in order to dress and live like their favorite book or movie character for a while. If you are in Europe during the month of October don’t forget to give this event a visit.

6. Japan Expo

Organized in the beautiful city of Paris is Japan Expo a humongous annual event conducted since 1999. This event is one of the most elegant cosplays you will ever see as there are professionals dressed as your favorite anime character. They carry expensive accessories and wear costly costumes and once dressed you won’t be able to differentiate whether you are talking to an artist or to your favorite anime character. For any other information, you can visit their website which is just as mesmerizing as their event.

So with this, we probably have given you your next travel destinations. Don’t wait, get your costumes from popular stores such as halecosplay and attend these events being the superhero or anime character you always wished to become.