5 Amazing adventure games for your PC!

1. Dota 2

When it comes to adventure games for PC, you cannot overlook the Dota 2. Perhaps one of the greatest video games on the planet with biggest prize stakes, Dota 2 will keep you enthralled with its large maps, characters, strategies and pulsating adventure. The game belongs to the MOBA class of video games, where you have the option to go multiplayer online. You have to pick up a legend and fight the character it out against other groups, and cut down the foe base by out-moving adversaries with able strategies. But, do a lot of practice before going multilayer, as a silly mistake while you’re just five minutes in the game, and you’re team members will come after your life!

2. League of Legends

– If we’re talking about adventure games for PC, how we can forget the League of Legends. Somewhat similar to the Dota 2, it is yet another MOBA based games. But, why this, when you already have the Dota 2? Well that’s a never ending debate, just like why Arnold and not Sylvester! The basic reasons could be that it gives you a whole new interface to play in, you can select almost any character in the game, and even what your friends have selected and jump right in. And, it really enhances your skills in MOBA type games.

3. Team Fortress 2

It is one of those enormous spending adventure games which transitioned from a fully paid version to totally free one. The developers of the game, Valve studio, did a terrific work in transforming the game to free-to-roam, shoot/simulator based game, and it has been really liked by the fans worldwide. It’s been eight years since the first version of the game was launched and it’s still one of the main five most-played video games on Steam on any given day. And, it is still getting upgraded! You can also find a lot of such free versions of popular games online, just prepare a list to download free adventure games and go online.

4. Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a game that includes total annihilation, and for the fans who keep complaining about the lack of action in adventure games, this is their best match. You can investigate haphazardly created maps, click things until they pass on, gather plunder, and rehash. There are seven classes and the aptitude trees are so entangled you may have a start from the very beginning. The makers have added a lot of new features into the game added a whole new section to the story, in the past few years.

5. World of Tanks

– The fans of war games will have a ball with this one. World of Tanks is one of the leading games based on the backdrop of World Wars 1 and 2 and other regional wars. There are few hypothetical storylines, but tons of action sequence and military strategy to demolish the foes. With a whole new planet filled with highly customizable tanks, from the historic ones to ultra-modern ones, this one’s a treat.