Samuel L Jackson Narrates ‘Game of Thrones’

A few weeks after the end of Season 6 of Game of Thrones, when the internet is quiet and not yet full of spoilers, HBO has come out with a summary of what the show is about.

This video serves a dual purpose– to attract new viewers by compressing more than five years of this show into a singular masterpiece, and to remind existing Throne lovers what they’re missing on the weekend.

This photo has been seen doing the rounds over the last few months, but this video promises to bring all those uninitiated into this dark, twisted family. To top it all, the appeal of this teaser lies in the fact that it is narrated by Samuel Jackson, and like him it is unfailingly funny and undeniably witty. He compares Cercei to Marie Antoinette, describes the Battle of Castle Black as ‘sick’, and reduces Bran Stark to someone who is trippin’.

(Photo Courtesy: Facebook)

While the prospect of beginning to watch GOT from scratch may be daunting, this summary video delineates all plot lines yet while evading shockers, screamers and spoilers. Jackson also uses phrases like “I don’t got no time” and “wish I could show ya”, to stress how the show is bigger and better than the video itself.

This video is probably your best bet to familiarize yourself with what everyone has been raving about and will most likely push you over the edge. We can guarantee that you’ll binge-watch the series and finish it within a month.