Protect Your Property Before It’s Too Late: 6 Safety Tips For Large Homes

We all aspire to move from our one-bed starter home to a larger house – the bigger the house, the more space you enjoy. But one downside to a larger home, is the security – with so much space for intruders to sneak around and so many ways for them to enter your home – how do you ensure they stay out?

Perhaps, so far you have been lucky, but it is better to be safe than sorry – homes with no security measures are five times more likely to be burgled than those with simple ones – so, protect you property before it is too late!  

Tip 1: Don’t hide your keys outside your house

We all worry about locking ourselves out of our homes and not being able to get back inside, which is why many of us hide a spare set of keys. These may be put out of sight, perhaps under a plant pot or a doormat, but police figures show this is contributing to a rise in home burglaries. The figures show that 6,000 burglaries in 2014 involved the intruder using keys to gain access to the property, as opposed to breaking and entering.  

Tip 2: Add another layer of security to doors and windows

You would think that having a lock on doors and windows would prevent intruders; but sadly it doesn’t! Most criminals actually break into houses this way, either by forcing the lock or kicking it in. For this reason you need to add an extra layer or security to both doors and windows – this means investing in Security Products such as a bar for extra strength or security grills or shutters.  

Tip 3: Install better lighting

Burglars are more likely to target a home that allows them to hide under the cover of darkness, therefore ensuring the area around your home is well lit will mean they have nowhere to hide. Firstly, install a security light that comes on automatically at dusk and goes off at dawn. You may also want to install floodlights with motion sensors, so you can be alerted to movement around your property and scare away potential burglars.

Tip 4: Make your home look occupied

Make sure your home looks occupied even when it isn’t. A home with lights and/or a TV on is less likely to be targeted. Use automatic timers and you can choose when certain lights or devices are on/off throughout the day and night.

Tip 5: Install a visual burglar alarm  

Install a burglar alarm and ensure you set it every time you leave the house! A visible burglar alarm will make an intruder think twice before entering your home and if they do the alarm will alert you to their presence.

Tip 6: Invest in a safe

A safe is the perfect place to store money, jewellery and other valuables. But this doesn’t have to be a typical safe, it could be one that is kept in clear view, but would be of no interest to thieves – such as this Dictionary Safe. It looks just like a real book and therefore will blend right into your bookshelf. 

Protect your property before anything happens and give yourself peace of mind, knowing you have done everything you can to keep your family and belongings safe from intruders.