Star Wars Marvel Comics Selling Like Crazy

It was a big deal when the Star Wars comics went back to Marvel, because Marvel started the comic series back before the first movie ever came out. It was a way that the producers of Star Wars could hopefully draw publicity to a movie they were scared would bomb on opening day.

Of course this didn’t happen, and now the Hollywood Reporter tells us that a book compilation of the Star Wars comics, “Star Wars Vol 1: Skywalker Strikes, should sell between 225,000 and 250,000 orders from comic stories, which the Reporter tells us is “five times the average volume of a Marvel collected edition.

The Reporter also tells us that when the first new Star Wars Marvel coming came out in January, retail owners bought 985,000 copies, and there have been heavy reprints as well. It’s no surprise that the comic is one of Marvel’s best selling titles, selling about 150,000 copies a month.

Again, none of this should be any surprise, and we’re sure Star Wars comics will be flying off the shelves when The Force Awakens is unleashed in theaters on December 18.