The Costs of Being An Avenger

Superhero movies have tried to be more realistic in today’s day and age, but we often recommend not trying to apply too much logic to comic flicks, because they’re entertainment, and they do require a lot of suspension of disbelief.

There have been a number of reports where people have tried to figure out what being a superhero would cost in real life, and in the case of Iron Man and Batman, it’s a fortune.
Now as we all know, Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne and billionaires, and like James Bond, they can afford all kinds of gadgets and hi-tech toys. The Wrap and Fandango tried to figure out Tony Stark’s expsenes, and it’s apparently over a hundred billion, even more than Bill Gates could afford.

According to these estimates, Stark has over $3 billion in real estate, and the suits could cost him $89 billion, because they have stealth jet technology in them. This report puts his power and energy bills at $1.7 billion (Jarvis could cost him over three billion), research and development could cost over two billion and and Stark’s grooming and clothes alone could cost him $100 Gs.

And again, remember, suspension of disbelief here with all this, but it’s great fun to play with these kinds of hypothetical speculations, especially when we try to imagine what we could do with even a fraction of this kind of money.