Aquaman From Batman Vs Superman Finally Revealed

In the age of what we call geek leaks, the major studios have to leak photos of your movie onto the net first before the geeks let them out. This trend first started back with Spider-Man, where his costume was first leaked by Sony a year before the movie came out.

So now that we’re a little over a year away from Batman Vs Superman, the first images of Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman got released a long time ago already, and now a picture of Aquaman, who will be played by Jason Momoa, has finally been revealed.

This will of course spawn a lot of jokes because of the running gag on Entourage about Aquaman the movie, but this Aquaman is much more King Neptune than the character we’ve seen in the comics. Guess the yellow shirt and green speedo wasn’t going to work for the big screen, much like we can’t expect the X-Men to turn around in yellow spandex either.

Batman Vs Superman is setting up a Justice League movie to come together in the future, but we’re of course skeptical as to whether this superhero team is going to work or not. We’ll know for sure March 2016 when the movie is out in the world, and while we’re not holding our breath, we are keeping an open mind and will be more than happy to eat our words if the movie delivers.