Batman the Sixties Series Is Finally Back

It had been a long time coming, but finally Conan O’Brien made the announcement with glee, via Twitter…Batman, the classic sixties TV show with Adam West and Burt Ward, is coming to DVD and BluRay on November 11.

When Conan announced the news, there wasn’t an official date, but you can now preorder the BluRay box set on Amazon for $179.98 (Retail price $269.97), and you can also get the first season of the show on DVD for $34.99 (Retal price $39.98).

Yes, many of today’s generation don’t get the Batman series, and the character’s certainly come a long way since, but it must always be remembered that the series was the gateway for many of us to become fans of the character, myself included. And it will really be great to watch the show again in an official, high quality package.

So if you haven’t ordered your copies yet, we bet a lot of Bat-fans will be haunting the stories on November 11 to get the Batman series for the home. It’s taken a long time to settle the rights dispute between Warners (who own the character), and Fox (who created the series), and it will be a great thrill to finally see it out in the world again.