Why Do You Need to Get a Job in Blockchain!

The buzzword for the last year has been cryptocurrency and Blockchain. People have spent hours trying to understand what it really is.
There are people who have become millionaires thanks to the cryptocurrency boom. And then there are the sceptics and critics who believe it is a giant bubble waiting to burst.
No matter what the future of cryptocurrencies, the blockchain technology has attracted a large number of people to its side.
They have brought with them the blockchain technology which is finding applications in a wide variety of fields not just limited to cryptocurrencies.
As a college graduate there are many different avenues that can be pursued. Getting a job in the blockchain sector is definitely a great option, and here is why!

1. High Demand

As mentioned before blockchain technology is a booming sector presently. Opportunities are to be honest waiting for you to grab on to. Crypto currency is just one application of blockchain technology. It is being used by many startups and renowned financial organisations in their operations.
The problem is that this kind of skill set is quite hard to get and traditional institutes have not completely adapted to this wave. So the options to acquire these skills are limited but definitely worth it. All of these issues only increase the demand of technology professionals who can get things done.

2. Huge Potential to Explore

Blockchain technology is a sleeping giant and it has not even awakened to its full glory and it has got the world in disarray. It is a major breakthrough and has proved to be a really disruptive kind of technology. There are numerous applications of the blockchain technology which are being explored at this moment.
Engineers and scientists are trying to us this technology to make a lot of our services secure and error free. And since many startups and established institutes are already running behind it there is definitely a huge scope for what can be expected in the future.
As an employee in this field you will definitely not be disappointed in its ability to surprise you!

3. Work on Cutting Edge Technology

Blockchain technology is cutting edge technology. It is a great development in the software world. It has opened a new chapter in the online world.
For people who like experimenting and trying out new things, a career in the blockchain technology is definitely worth it. If you are ready to put in the hours and use your resources effectively for the company’s benefit, it will always encourage your company administration to support you in every way.
This definitely gets me excited, and I am sure that if you are technology junkie then this is the career for you to give some serious thought too!

4. Better Salaries and Liquidity

Since the demand for blockchain jobs is so high you can definitely expect a bigger payroll. Being good enough at the blockchain technology is really hard and needs a lot of commitment. So, this automatically translates into a much higher salary. You can easily expect a six-figure salary because of the tremendous expertise needed in this job.
Also it is quite common for companies to provide stock options to their employees. But usually these have a lot of regulations. But the cryptocurrency companies often give out tokens or coins to their early employees. These tokens have their own limitations. But this form of asset is a great investment opportunity at the moment. SO, there is a much better liquidity option for the employees.

5. Varying Experience Requirements

And the good thing about this line of career is that it usually has a varying need for experience. You don’t have to be a complete tech guru to be recruited for a blockchain job. It is all about scouting around for the right opportunity and making long lasting network of relationships with people in your field of interest.
If you are not working hard enough for it, you probably do not deserve this opportunity. At the end of the day you need to work towards clinching the opportunity, better yet you need to go out of your way to get the opportunity.

Blockchain jobs are a great career option for everybody in the same domain. Yes they are complicated to understand but that is what makes it so challenging and rewarding at the same time.
Give it some thought and pursue it, it just might just turn out to be your dream job!