What is Coinalyze . net?

Coinalyze is a free, independently run website dedicated to serving the cryptocurrency trading community through uniquely designed research and analysis tools that provide live data to help you make informed trading decisions. But it is more than just an outstanding knowledge and technical resource. Above all, it’s a community; a community of passionate traders who come to Coinalyze to be with other like-minded individuals to discuss this new and exciting world of digital currencies, bounce ideas off each other, and help each other grow as traders.

Nine years ago, the currency-exchange world radically changed with the creation of Bitcoin – the first decentralized electronic cash system. At first, many thought digital currency was a fad that would burn out after a few years. They were wrong. With each passing day, more and more people who were once detractors are becoming adopters. An increasing number of consumers are embracing this technology and are making digital-currency payments. This, in turn, is leading to more businesses accepting digital-currency payments. This combination has caused the market to grow exponentially. Bitcoin has now been joined by dozens and dozens of other new digital-currency products, each with its own appeal and potential. Entrepreneurs are jumping on the boom. New startups are being created almost daily. And most likely this is only the beginning. We’re still at the floor of where this market could go.

So what exactly do Coinalyze offer?

• Live price data for over 50 of the most commonly traded cryptocurrencies from over 15 different currency exchanges

• Live charting tool complete with drawing tools, technical indicators, and candle pattern-recognition to help users track the price action of their preferred product

• Price analysis for each digital currency providing news and trend information based on moving averages, momentum indicators (overbought/oversold), and candlestick-pattern indicators

Alerts tool to create alerts based on price, price change, or volume

• Live chat to share ideas, discuss news, and educate each other

If you scour the Internet you will find websites that specialize in providing one or two of the above resources. Coinalyze is one of the very few that provides it all and it use cutting-edge technology to provide the highest quality information and data available. Best of all, it does it all for free.

So if you are passionate about this exciting and booming market, or just curious and want to learn, you are welcome to check out Coinalyze website and try out the amazing tools and data streams it has to offer.