Top 3 Trending Altcoins That You Should Consider.

In 2017, almost all cryptocurrencies recorded their best market prices which they are yet hit again. However, at the end of the year, cryptocurrency market prices slumped by over 60%. There are no definite reasons attributed to these reduced prices, but many theories have tried to shed some light on what exactly led to the decline.

Focus crossing over to 2018, crypto prices have not improved significantly. Therefore, investors and crypto traders are looking for coins that promise better performance shortly. Even though our list of trending altcoins that you could consider is backed by extensive research and market analysis, it is vital to analyze their trends further.

So which are these 3 Altcoins?


Stellar is a system which has been to facilitate money transfer in different currency pairs. Over the years, it has been adopted by different banks and Fintech startups. However, like its competing altcoins, its success began from the lowest points to become among the best in the crypto world.

The Altcoin got attention when its market value improved by 65 percent in early 2018. Being a major competitor to Ripple, the Altcoin has seen many people digging further to understand how it works and how it compares to other cryptocurrencies.

To improve its performance, Stellar has been collaborating with major institutions and companies such as Deloitte, IBM, and Firefox, just to mention a few.


Second, on our list, we have Ripple. The currency attracted media attention when it became the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap after Bitcoin Cash. It is best known for facilitating fast and efficient payments, unique attributes which have seen it attract partnership with major financial institutions.

It is not a new coin in the digital world. Ripple has been in operation since 2012, where it has been adopted by major institutions for its efficient cross-boarder Bitcoin Wallet payments. In January, institutions such as Mercury and IDT announced their interests in using Ripple, to facilitate secure, cheap and efficient payments. Therefore, this cryptocurrency can be expected to do better over time.


For individuals who are looking to make investments in smart contracts, then Ethereum is the best go-to platform. Some experts believe that Ether is the best crypto coin that can oust BTC from its place. Certainly, the Altcoin has managed to remain at the top ten position, with real-world uses best suited for developers and programmers.

Recent debates have been discussed on the possibilities of Ethereum dethroning Bitcoin. To its advantage, unlike BTC which serves as a gold standard, Ether is a built infrastructure upon which other crypto technologies can be built upon. For this reason, Ethereum has been seen to attract lots of influence that may not stop soon.

There are many companies which have declared their partnership with Ethereum, taking into account companies such as Overstock, Cryptopet, Torguard and many others.

Cryptocurrencies are still highly volatile which makes it deciding on the best coin challenging. However, if you are looking for a potential investment, try the top trending options. Well, there you go with our list of top 3 trending Altcoins.