That’s why more and more investors are joining Profitcoins . io

Investors looking for a new, simple way to safely trade have found it through Profitcoins. This London-based start-up offers a free way for investors to capitalize on temporary price variations in the multiple markets that deal with cryptocurrency.

Traders of all skills levels, including beginners, can see positive returns with minimal effort. Profitcoins has developed a simple platform that identifies price fluctuations in cryptocurrencies. These fluctuations are usually brief and most investors are unable to capitalize on these differences, but Profitcoins has developed an algorithm to predict fluctuations with longer time periods, allowing investors the opportunity to buy low and sell high. For the investor, as little as 5-10 minutes per day is needed to achieve results of up to 1 percent per day.

The software is free to users and investments can start for as little as £150. However, a slightly larger initial investment of £1,500 can allow for significantly higher returns. Registration is simple and takes only a few minutes. Profitcoins is available to investors around the world. However, to use the software, there is a minimum age of 18.

Profitcoins is available for free through a profit-sharing agreement with its users. This agreement also allows the company to continually enhance its service to traders. If a trader is unsatisfied with the software, the investments in their account will be returned.

More than 3,500 traders worldwide use Profitcoins to enhance their trading and maximize their profits. The platform requires the use of Bitcoins, which may be transferred into an account or a wallet can be set up within the platform.

Profitcoins has been featured in various major national and international magazines and TV shows. The platform has also been recognized by the industry. To learn more, visit