If You Can’t Understand Bitcoin Ask Your Kids

It can be difficult and scary for adults who have done something one way for the whole lives to have to think about it in an entirely different way. When this paradigm shift relates to your finances, it can be downright terrifying. Maybe that’s the reason that many people are slow to take to Bitcoin, a technology with the ingenuity and momentum to possibly one day overturn all of the financial institutions to which people are now beholden. Luckily, there is a valuable resource you probably have at your fingertips who can explain Bitcoin to you in a few minutes or so: your kids. One brief tutorial from them and you’ll be wondering why you ever thought Bitcoin was so confusing.

All it will probably take is your kids doing a little bit of research on Bitcoin, and they’ll likely be able to grasp the concept much faster than you ever could, especially if you’re one of those people wary about technology. Once you do get it, you might want to invest, and there is some help waiting for you in that respect as well, in the form of digitally-enhanced trading programs in the manner of Bitcoin Trader. In the meantime, run the idea of Bitcoin by your kids. Here are three reasons why it won’t be as confusing for them as it likely is for you.

1. Technological Savvy

If you’ve seen it once, you’ve seen it a thousand times: You hand your phone or your tablet over to a kind of tender years, and, even if they’ve never been on one before, they are quickly doing things on the devices that you didn’t even know were possible. Kids of this generation just seem to be surrounded by so much technology that it becomes second nature. As a result, the idea of money changing hands via the internet with nothing stopping it won’t be too much of a stretch for them.

2. Digital Coins for Digital Games

Most kids become gamers at a very young age. And one of the aspects common to many modern games is the idea that players need to amass some kind of currency to perform at the highest levels. In many cases, this currency comes in the form of digital coins that they pick up along the way in their gaming adventures. They then can pay for things or barter within this contained digital world, which, when you think about it, is Bitcoin in a nutshell.

3. The Innocence of Youth

Kids come into new things without the preconceived notions that adults have spent years building up. When you tell them that there is a digital currency that needs no third party adding fees or time to transactions and that you can conduct transactions anywhere in the world with it, their instinct won’t be skepticism. It will be more of a “Why not?” reaction.

If Bitcoin is confounding you, don’t be afraid to run it by the youngsters. You’d be surprised how they might be able to wrap their little heads around it faster than you ever could.