How to buy an iTunes Gift Card online with Cryptos

Don’t we all love freebies especially during the holiday season when we are thinking of getting or actually buying one thing or another? Its common knowledge that retailers earn money by selling products and services to buyers. The use of Gift cards has become very popular in modern day commerce. Gift cards help retailers earn more money because they stimulate sales and increase their profit margins. One of the most sought-after Gift Cards on the online retail market is Apples’ iTunes Gift card for Apple iOS users.

iTunes Gift cards get the holder products available on the various Apple online platforms
App Store, iTunes Store, iBook Store and Mac App Store.
Apple Gift cards are of different ranges and include prices of $100, $50, $2$, $15 and $ 10. A standard way to purchase them is via Apple email delivery service, however, with the rise of cryptocurrencies and their popular use as a means of exchange, online shoppers are increasingly turning to Bitcoins to make purchases.

Online digital currency platforms are beginning to function like banks, the services they offer are gradually re-defining e-commerce in more ways than one. Bitcoin wallets are to cryptocurrencies what accounts are to banks. These days instead of shopping using credit cards only, online shoppers can do the same using their bitcoin wallets to pay for purchases. Due to the millions of iOS users all over the globe, the demand for iTunes gift card is enormous therefore crypto sites are providing mediums to aid the buying and selling of Apple issued Gift cards.
To buy an iTunes Gift card online, you first need to;

  • Open a Bitcoin wallet: Like we pointed out earlier, a bitcoin wallet is an online digital account which serves two purposes. One is to store bitcoins and also to receive and send bitcoins to other bitcoin wallet accounts
  • Load your Bitcoin wallet: If you’ve successfully opened a bitcoin wallet, you then need to load it with bitcoins like you would a conventional bank account with cash. Numerous online platforms and exchanges sell bitcoins. You will need to pick one that offers the best rates suitable for you. Different exchanges buy and sell at different rates, so you have to take rate disparities into consideration when purchasing bitcoins
  • Create an account: With bitcoins in your wallet you then log onto the trading portal of the site and create an account. You will be asked to provide an active email and to also choose a password to create the account. Having done this, you can now make purchases from the sites online portal and make payments using your bitcoin wallet.

Buying iTunes Gift cards from your bitcoin- the wallet is a fast and secure method which comes with low commission charges compared to other conventional means of making online purchases. Regardless of the number of cards required, using cryptocurrency is a safe and secure way to go. Countless trusted and established merchants are already in the habit of giving away gift cards, get yourself a trusted wallet and ride with the big players.