How DagPay and Dagcoin can Revolutionize your Business

Running a business? Thinking of integrating a particular cryptocurrency as a mode of payment for your products or services? If your answer is a big fat ‘Yes’ to both of these questions then you, indeed, deserve a pat on your back as accepting payments in cryptocurrencies is a great idea. Taking into account the craze and the delirium associated with cryptocurrencies; they, certainly, have the potential to take your business to new heights. But, the real question is; out of the innumerable cryptocurrencies out there, which one you should go for? If you are still confused regarding the perfect answer to this question then you are at the right post and we hope by the end of this post you would have made your decision. We recommend going for Dagcoin cryptocurrency. No! I am not simply speaking out of thin air but it is a calculated approach. Let us tell you the reasons behind preferring Dagcoin cryptocurrency as a mode of payment for the products and services provided by your business.

Why consider Dagcoin for your Business?

Dagcoin is a relatively new cryptocurrency out there and is, definitely, making the headlines as it solves two main problems associated with traditional blockchain based cryptocurrencies; the inflating transaction costs and increasing transaction confirmation time.

With a majority of the world’s population looking forward to entering into the crypto sphere the transactions made over the traditional blockchain are taking a relatively long time to get confirmed. Moreover, there has been a constant increase in cost associated with the transactions done in cryptocurrencies. Dagcoin is already being looked forward as a solution to these two issues which are being hailed as a big force that could render the traditional blockchain obsolete.

Dagcoin is faster

First of all, Dagcoin is not based on the blockchain. It is developed and constructed over DAG-chain. A DAG-Chain doesn’t require the aid and assistance of external miners to get a crypto transaction confirmed. Instead, all transactions get confirmed by referencing earlier transactions created by other users. This makes Dagcoin faster as compared to traditional blockchain based cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it kicks out the transaction confirmation time problem completely from the scene.

DAG-Chain also addresses the problem of scalability being faced by traditional cryptocurrencies. In the case of DAG-Chain, the entry of more users will, actually, make the system faster and decrease the transaction confirmation time further.

Dagcoin improves the commission payment system

As of now, users of cryptocurrencies have to pay a certain amount as a commission to the owner of a particular platform before exchanging the associated cryptocurrency over it. Hence, users dealing in multiple cryptocurrencies require paying commissions to multiple platform owners every time they are going to utilize their relative platform. Bigger transactions usually translate into bigger commissions. Dagcoin has made the payment of commissions based on DAG-Chain automatic. This means for interchanging currencies users require keeping only one cryptocurrency in their wallet.

Transaction costs are drastically low

The current transaction cost for a Dagcoin is simply 0.0005 USD. There is no chance that the same is going to increase in future. This is because unlike the traditional blockchain; a DAG-Chain doesn’t slow down with incrementing of users. Instead, it becomes faster and the system improves even further.

Dagcoin comes with its own business platform

Dagcoin has its own business platform termed as DagPay enabling the businesses to send and receive payments in Dagcoin. The entire system makes adoption of cryptocurrencies a convenient and hassle-free procedure for the businesses.

Dagcoin is extremely user-friendly

Dagcoin, based on DAG-Chain, is highly convenient and exceedingly user-friendly to use. Hence, it has higher chances of getting accepted worldwide. Moreover, it is a boon for people who don’t have the facilities of central banking services in their area. Dagcoin will provide them the financial independence they had been looking for.


You can see how Dagcoin can be the perfect cryptocurrency the world is looking for. Please note that I am not providing any investment or business advice in this post. It only expresses our personal opinion. Therefore, it is expected from you to carry on your own research before arriving at a final decision.