Five Cryptocurrencies To Watch In 2018

Off late, all the news about Bitcoins success and then tumbling down would have made you believe that cryptocurrency means bitcoins. But it’s not like this. Bitcoin is only one of the many cryptocurrencies present in the market. There are plenty of altcoins you can choose from and make a nice profit. Not all of the cryptocurrencies, however, are worthy of being invested, and as there are entirely a lot of options, we have highlighted the following five cryptocurrencies, based on our deep understanding and analysis of the trend that you can look to invest in 2018:


Since last year, monero has been a promising name in the cryptocurrency market and is still an active contender. The primary factor that contributes to its popularity is the fact that it is entirely anonymous. Monero is the prime choice of cryptocurrency buyers from countries and markets where buying and selling cryptocurrency is not looked at the same way as any other investment. The currency is very much being sought by businesses that are looking for the best available blockchain technology.


One popular name in the cryptocurrency market has been ethereum. Almost all the initial offerings of coins in the cryptocurrency market are based on its blockchain. With so many new coin offerings, the value is used to improve in the upcoming years however there is a chance that it may also slow ethereum down just as it was with cryptocurrencies. The support group and the honesty of the owner are some of them. Other reasons why is ethereum is considered as a reliable option.


The concept and the way in which ripple works is much different than other currencies available in the market however it is still on the watch list for 2018 as it is closely linked with many banks. There is quite a high chance that ripple may get listed on coinbase and if it does the investors are sure to see some high gains in the upcoming years. Another reason for you to buy ripple is that it is still cheaper than many other cryptocurrencies in the market.

Stellar Lumens

Among the many cryptocurrencies, stellar is considered to be one of the fastest and especially if you compare it with bitcoin. It has a low transaction fee and small energy consumption which makes it a popular choice for the upcoming markets. It is growing partnerships with giants such as IBM and Mobius, and so has a high chance of making gains in 2018.


Security in the cryptocurrency market is paramount especially with people looking to make a significant investment in the market now. Vechain is one unique product with the capability of reaching new heights in the upcoming years. They have been looking to move quickly and build large partnerships where their technology can be utilized to the maximum potential. The aggressive yet planned approach with which the vechain business is growing is what makes it a suitable choice for investing in 2018.