Factors to look for when choosing a good crypto trading signal provider

In order for you to take advantage of every advantageous event on the market, and as well as preventing losses, is to watch the market 24-hours a day. However, this can be proven that it is impossible. That is why crypto trading signals are created to make monitoring the market possible. This system became really important and very much reliable to crypto traders.

Crypto signal providers have been growing in numbers recently, and because of this,it can be both good and bad for traders. That is because it can be quite hard to find an honest signal provider in a sea of swindlers. That is why I have made this article for traders that are looking for a legit and dependable crypto signal services.

When Choosing a Good Crypto Trading Signal Service

When recommending a good crypto trading signal service, it would also come with great responsibility. The signal providers that I am about to recommend, later on, will be the best ones that can satisfy all the criteria’s below and are commended by the other experts in different businesses.

There are 4 criteria’s that every top crypto signal providers should satisfy to provide a good service:

1. Service Quality

When I have chosen the best crypto signal providers below, I made sure that I have only chosen the ones that have the highest prediction success rates, and as well as offer a large number of relevant signals. I have also made sure their signals and real-market activities have no significant delays, I have also carefully examined how their signals generate.

2. Reliability

Aside from the generated signals, a trading signal service should be able to provide some information about the origin of the generated signals, regardless if it came from an expert trader, automated software, or from a professional analyst. This is to make sure that the users would exactly know to whom they are giving their trust to, and I make sure that the signal providers that I have recommended are trustworthy.

3. Pricing

This is another important criterion when choosing a legitimate crypto signal provider. There are a lot of crypto trading signals out there that offer a signal for free. The free ones are often expected to be in a beta-testing phase. However, it can also be highly suspicious if the service is always free, and without any subscriptions.

4. Free-Trial

One of the best ways of making sure that the service is truly worth your attention is by a free trial. Most crypto trading signals offer a free trial of their service to receive a high rating. The free trial that they offer should be long enough for the user to determine the reliability and quality of their service.

I assure that the crypto signals that I am about to tackle has completely satisfied the following criterions above.

Top 3 Crypto Signal Providers

And now, here are the top 3 legitimate crypto signal providers that are worth your attention. I assure you that I have conducted a thorough research on the services below for your convenience.

Top 1: Whale Agents

Here is my top recommendation of the best crypto providers out there. Whether if you are looking for trading tips, general info, or technical analysis, the knowledgeable community of WhaleAgents will certainly guide your way to the right path. They have a highly qualified leadership team of traders, contributors, and programmers that have a sufficient amount of knowledge about cryptocurrencies and the publication.

Once you have joined their community, you will have access to their cryptocurrency signals, crypto news, Free Airdrops, and WhaleAgent updates. And once you go premium, you will get an access to their premium crypto signals, chat support with staff, sleeping giant coins, insider information, and signals before the public. You can join the community for free.

Top 2: CryptoPing

This is a trading signal service that monitors the crypto markets 24/7, and would then notify you when a crypto asset would get an unusual amount of action in the market. This service will ping you when a trade happens on exchanges when something is off about the asset, and if some things are worth checking out. CryptoPing also has a signaling bot that can be used for free. However, the extra features are only available for the subscribers.

The extra features are:

· Social Trading– you can follow the best performing trader or share your own insights about profit

· API Access– It will send you signals as soon as they occur on your endpoint

· Filters Assets by blacklists, whitelists, and other attributes.

· Early access to new features of the bot

· Shows signal analytics with charts in your dashboard, and

· Access to the other upcoming that are made by the CryptoPing team

Top 3: WhalePanda

This one is not actually a trading signal service, WhalePanda is one of the most famous cryptocurrency traders on Twitter that is also very knowledgeable on cryptocurrencies. Do not let its cute name fool you, because WhalePanda’s wisdom about the cryptocurrencies and the politics and people that surrounds them is almost second to none, as the assumed Twitter account’s 200,000+ followers can vouch for.

Aside from being knowledgeable on cryptocurrencies, WhalePanda can also track niche innovations and side projects before they hit a lot of mainstream on the radar. So if you gain more knowledge and insights in cryptocurrency markets, then you can follow this guy.

Final Thoughts:

So here are the top three Crypto Signal Providers that you can rely on to. I believe that a good service of signal trading is a priceless help for traders, and I assure that the ones listed above are the best ones that you can out there. However, I should also remind you that acting on a signal is not actually risk-free. It is also your decision if you should act based on the notifications that you receive or not. I am telling you that the risks are enormous, so I advise that you use the signals wisely to have successful and happy trading.