Earn c0ban [ Japan Crypto currency] Redeem, Get stuff you want from Japanese shops!

Japan vibrant shopping arcades, a bustling metropolis, an unlimited choice of entertainment and a rich culture; not enough? Add to that FREE Crypto-currency rewards to shop your favourite gifts from Japan. Earn it freely by watching videos of the goods and gifts you would like to shop and redeem it anytime!!.

A video-ad platform based on original cryptocurrency called “c0ban”. by LastRoots Ltd.,, named after the koban actual gold coin during the Tokugawa period (1603-1868). The ryō Koban coin is unique in its design and composition, has an interesting history, and has become a powerful pop culture reference.

The Cryptocurrency c0ban launched in 2016 as the first ICO [ Initial coin offering] in japan,post launch c0ban application and the c0ban exchange market are being used by Japanese merchants [stores, shops] and shoppers extensively to earn the coin rewards and shop the favourite goods.

How it works:

Potential Consumers or buyers can earn c0ban by watching a video advertisement of a store or product and tapping the “c0ban”-icon displayed. Shoppers can exchange their c0bans on the c0ban Exchange Market or use the c0bans that they earned to purchase items from advertisers /stores. The merchants [stores, shops] advertisers can reward users to view their ads by giving out c0bans.

Transparency for Online Video Advertisers, Value Creation for Consumers.

As the world is embracing block-chain technology for transparency in various sectors this unique and cost effective ad-network on blockchain paves way to disrupt and solve problems in online marketing and advertising tremendously. The Cost per Impressions advertising model has its own merits and demerits while Linear, Non-linear Video advertising is difficult to engage and motivate a consumer for the required action. Online digital discount coupons, gift cards, reward points based systems have been pre-eminently success-full in conversion rates. Coupled with both motivating consumers for attention on video content and ensuring accurate conversions for advertisers on blockchain this c0ban video advertisement network aims to be commodity for everyday online purchases.

Founder&CEO of c0ban, Mr.Noritaka Kobayashi, holds Ph.D from Osaka University and has successfully spearheaded multiple business in Asia and other countries is devising strategies to engage all 47 prefectures shops in Japan of traditional goods and gifts that are liked by foreigners to be on the c0ban network, therefore foreigner’s [Tourists and expats] can identify their favorite goods, shops pre-visiting the video network gain c0ban reward points through watching videos and redeem it on goods to shop either in person or online. GET START To Earn c0bans!!.

With a Market Cap of Approximately $200 to $350 million USD, Exchange Market Volume of $50 million USD per month, and Active Users of 100K per 1 year on the network, c0ban is climbing the ladder to connect and explore the next wave of online advertisers and consumers. All global merchants are also invited to sign up!!.

C0ban website- https://www.lastroots.co/ . https://www.lastroots.com/c0ban/