Decentralized Applications (DApps)

Modern decentralized applications created on blockchain principles became the successful version of advanced computer software. In 2021, the most popular decentralized applications apply the Ethereum platform with its smart contract mechanisms. At the same time, such portals as Waves and other platforms could also be used instead.  Some experts, for example, OnGrid System could assist you to figure out different blockchain nuances.

Technical characteristics

So, let’s define the main distinguishing features of these unordinary apps compared to the usual ones. Actually, it is generally accepted that they are used by a large number of customers at the same time. However, this is not entirely true.

When talking about dApps, it implies a decentralized application map (structure) and specifics of design. They are quite well protected from any dangerous intrusion. However, there is the possibility of access for verification.

We offer our customers to look at Ethereum dApps list of the different basic categories:

1. Money management applications. Users can make different transactions through the Ethereum network using its internal currency. Usually, such DAPPs have their own blockchain system that allows customers to work with appropriate cryptocurrencies.

2. Applications that integrate money with external events in the real world. For example, a logistics company could use the location of a radiotracer chip to determine whether a cargo has reached a port and only then pay for the transportation. This process can even be done without human intervention if the buyer and seller have a smart contract.

3. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs): These organizations operate without special manager intervention. Their activities are carried out in accordance with software-defined rules since their creation. Participants of the process may be located anywhere on the globe.

Conditions for the use of  DAPPs

In fact, DAPPs make it possible to decentralize all data and backend code, making them immutable and tamper-proof. Therefore, they have a variety of use.

Here are some of the benefits:

·  Payment processing: Integration with a fiat payment processor is not necessary to accept funds from users, as they can conduct transactions in cryptocurrencies directly;

·  Account data: a system of public and private keys provides quick access to the necessary information;

·  Confidence and verifiability: the public blockchain technology register allows consumers and third parties to inspect transaction’ data without any challenges.

The most interesting Ethereum dApps:

·  Uniswap (finance);

·  Dark Forest (games);

·  Pool Together (finance).

Customers prefer to work with these popular frameworks. However, there are many other platforms that may help you in different areas such as:

·  insurance;

·  portfolio;

·  payments;

·  trading and prediction markets;

·  lending and borrowing, etc.

Advantages from cooperation with our Company

OnGrid Systems is one of the established leaders in the blockchain technologies market. We are ready to ensure our clients with the most effective and useful solutions to improve their business projects. Our team of professionals can implement blockchain strategies into different organizations of any type. After all, as it is said in block geeks, decentralized applications dApps are the way of the future.