Data Marketing Ushers New Chapter in Global Marketing-An Interview With Big Data Marketing Expert Wang Yu

2018 The China Informatization Innovation and Development Conference was held in Beijing on September 20th, attracting a thousand enterprises in the event. Mr. Wang Yu delivered a special lecture on data-driven marketing and was highly praised by the participants. In the commendation session of the conference, in consideration of Mr. Wang Yu’s outstanding contribution to the Chinese enterprise information industry, especially to corporate big data marketing below Internet spring tide, the conference granted Mr. Wang Yu “2018 Leader of big data marketing in China Informatization.”

With nearly 20 years of experience in Internet marketing, digital marketing and digital transformation field, Mr. Wang Yu has served for several large-scale and complicated digital marketing transformation projects as leader for pharmaceutical, retail, home appliance and insurance enterprises, such as a senior consultant of Oracle, Capgemini CRM team leader, GrassRoot CIO, Baidu and Tencent senior product expert. Thus, Mr. Wang is an experienced professional and influencer in the field of big data marketing. During this event, his speech thoroughly analyzed the current status and pain points of current corporate marketing, and gave detailed explanations on how enterprises can accelerate the application transformation of big data marketing.

Confusion and breakthrough

Mr. Wang Yu worked in well-known global enterprises such as IBM and Oracle in his early years. He was the first batch technical expert in China to help enterprises carry out digital marketing. He and his team dedicated to commit various data marketing transformation projects for those enterprises. “At the time, I led the team to deliver various digital marketing projects. Although the project’s set goals have been met, I have always felt that there is fundamental problem in the finalization of corporate marketing which had not resolved. After in-depth thinking, it is because of the lack of data to build richer marketing scenario.” In the face of this confusion, how to break the traps? The rise of “Martech” from United States 2008 hit Wang Yu, open up a new thought of data marketing, find the way which a very good integration of enterprise internal data with external big data. And based on this thought, Mr. Wang summarized the methodology of DCCP’s data marketing transformation. Due to the relatively small domestic big data construction cases and not much consultative information, Wang Yu has accumulated his own research on specific application cases of marketing and issued his research results on the Modern Business, China New Communication, Electronic Technology and Software Engineering and other journals, His efforts and fruits have set a benchmark for the construction of China’s big data marketing theory and practical projects.

China’s big data marketing industry

Refer to the status of China’s big data marketing, Wang Yu think it is a very fast-growing industry due to the following reasons:

1) China has a very good prospect for big data marketing . There are more than 1 billion Internet users on the mobile or PC in China, a large amount of data samples of these users have been accumulated for the building of application for big data.

2) China’s big data applications have spawned a lot of mature application scenarios and brought real business value to the enterprises. For example, Haier’s overseas marketing service project I have led, used data accumulation to find the most likely users to purchase or the parts that are most likely to fail, bringing huge business value to Haier. Many other classic cases can prove the role’s value of big data. The big data application in China can be said to be a hundred enterprises blossoming, and the fields of application scenarios and data accumulation even advance the United States;

3) Chinese enterprises have taken big data marketing as the core driver of digital transformation. At present, the dividends of Chinese Internet users have gradually disappeared, and the pain point of marketing has become an unavoidable problem for Chinese enterprises. On the other side, a large amount of data has been accumulated by them. A hot topic has been a subject of enterprises that how to integrate intra small data with the big data of the Internet. This also provides a favorable motivation for the growth of big data marketing;

4) Numerous excellent big data marketing tools have been introduced into China’s market like Alibaba’s Data Bank, TDC of Tencent, Baidu’s Clue Application, AD Master’s DMP platform, etc. All mentioned are excellent big data applications.

Many of the above positive factors are actively promoting the development of big data marketing applications in China. Therefore, I believe that in the next 1-2 years, China will be able to lead the world in the benchmark of big data marketing applications;

How to accelerate the business transformation of big data marketing in China

From the earliest enterprise CRM system construction, to today’s enterprise big data marketing, Mr. Wang Yu led several successful projects, which also has a lot of epoch-making role in promoting for China’s big data marketing. For the issue of how to accelerate the business transformation of big data marketing, He also said, “the difficulties faced by enterprises in different stages of transformation are different. If you want to think about how to help enterprises accelerate the transformation of big data marketing, you have to think about the problems facing the transformation of enterprises.

1) The big data application is developing quickly now, however, workers lack a deep understanding of which industry they are in, and new talents who both understand big data application and their own industries are still too few. The two reasons are making it difficult for the company’s marketing pain point to be combined with the data application;

2) Lack of industry benchmarks case. industry promoters should establish marketing cloud benchmarking projects and cases in different industries rooted in the industry’s solid construction, giving enterprises greater confidence to devote themselves in the transformation of big data marketing;

3) Lack of short-term and long-term goals for establishing big data marketing for enterprises. Clarify the benefits brought by enterprises in this aspect, so as to clear the ROI brought by the big data marketing of enterprises;

4) Lack of methodological guidance and tools support for big data marketing transformation. Because big data marketing scenarios are complex, different customer demands are also different. Enterprises are intended to pour into the marketing transformation of big data, but suffering from no guidance and effective tools.

The above problems are very practical ones encountered by enterprises in the transformation of big data marketing. In fact, the above problems are also being solved, but the current influence are still small.

In response to the fourth question above, the company lacks the methodological guidance and tools to support the transformation of big data marketing. Actually, after the completion of the project construction in Haier, Mr. Wang combined the project result with Martech has concluded a set of effective Methodology (DCCP) and supporting tool (a big data tagging platform) to guide enterprises in the transformation of big data marketing. “By reason of the enterprise strong demand for big data transformation, lack of methodological guidance, and the existing organizational structure within the enterprise under capacity of undertaking such projects, therefore the original mind of summarizing this methodology through practice is for the sake of the enterprise to transform big data from the organizational structure, the transformation steps, supporting systems and other aspects. In the following BBG membership marketing and Grassroot global loyalty management projects, we adopt this methodology and the underlying technology platform.”

The term “ DCCP “in this methodology refers to:

D-Deposit, the precipitation of data, the data collected by various channels within the enterprise unified precipitation and re-marketing applications. Implementing on the system is to build a unified data management center;

C-Content, the production of content, in view of only the internal workers most understanding of the company’s operations and product selling points, the company’s centralized production content to influence customers. Implementing the system is to build a unified content production center;

C-Contact, the customer’s multiple reach, multiple marketing touches to valuable or potential customers to promote their conversion. Implementing on the system is to build a unified customer operation center;

P-Purchase, customer conversion, a summary of multi-channel customer conversion to measure the company’s marketing input-output ratio. implementing to the system is to build an integrated company trading center;

The above platform, supported by the underlying big data tag platform, with its own algorithms, providing recommendations, tag matching, and the ability to interface with third-party systems, provides methodologies and support tools for enterprises with big data marketing requirement. It has also achieved rich fruits after the application in different projects in different industries (such as the BBG membership program, etc.). Many enterprises and individuals expressed their appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Wang for his contribution to the big data marketing! “What I did was to summarize and refine my personal experience. I would like to thank the customer for giving me the opportunity to practice my ideas so that I can extract good methods for the benefit of the majority of enterprise.”

Talking about the work direction in the next few years, Wang Yu said “I will regard the specific landing of big data marketing and mobile marketing as my responsibility in the future. This field is also an area that I have always been very passionate about. I am willing to contribute my experience to this. In the field of big data marketing, we hope to use such convenient conditions to build excellent marketing tools and create international benchmark cases for big data marketing so to promote the global enterprises.”