How SEO Will Increase Your Rankings & Business

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a range of practices designed to make your website work better with search engines. By creating a website that search engines like, you can increase its ranking, getting it closer and closer to becoming the very first result that web users see upon using the most relevant search terms.

Here, we’re going to look at how a search engine optimisation campaign can increase your site’s ranking. We’re also going to see why working with an SEO agency like Click Through Digital isn’t just good for the search ranking, but for the business as well.

How SEO increases your site’s ranking

How does it all work? SEO is about creating a site that search engines recognize as functional, trustworthy, relevant, and valuable. Search engines take into account multiple factors of the site itself, as well as some external factors outside the site. Here, we’re going to look at how an SEO campaign improves your ranking through two distinct (but often connected) types of optimization.

On-site search engine optimization

There’s a wide variety of ways that you can optimize your site to increase the traffic leading into it. Here, we’re going to list a variety of factors that is by no means comprehensive but can hopefully give you an idea of what search engines value most:

  • Keyword placement: Keywords are the terms that customers are most likely to use when searching for your business or information related to it. Strategic keyword placement in the title, content, metadata and more can make your site more likely to appear when customers search for it.
  • Site organisation and hierarchy: Search engines use bots to go through your website, creating a directory of all your webpages. If the site is poorly laid out and has zero categorization, these bots can have trouble getting through it.
  • User experience: A host of different factors, such as broken links, broken images, and more can hurt your ranking.
  • Duplicate or low-quality content: If your content is poorly written, formatted, or repeats itself, this can harm your ranking. SEO can help you target and improve bad content.
  • Security: With recent updates, search engines actively improve the ranking of sites that have security measures built-in, like an SSL certificate.

Almost every aspect of website design plays a role your search engine ranking. An SEO agency like Click Through Digital can help by fully auditing your site, seeing which factors are having the largest impact, as well as implementing the solution.

Off-site search engine optimisation

Search engines also value the links built leading to your own web pages, specifically from trustworthy and high-regarded websites. For instance, your business can build links for news sites and industry blogs through PR, whether it’s writing guest posts and articles for other sites or sending them press releases which then link back to your site. Affiliate marketing and influencer marketing campaigns can help, too. Not only are they a form of advertising, but they also build links to your site. The more valuable links you have leading back to your site, the more it can improve your search ranking.

How it can improve your business

With an SEO agency on your side, your ranking can begin to improve, which is good for the business in a variety of ways. First of all, it improves the quantity and quality of traffic. You will get more people clicking on your site thanks to its newfound visibility. What’s more, more of these visitors will be people who are likely to be more interested in the business thanks to the targeted nature of SEO.

Search engine optimisation can improve brand awareness and strength, as well. More people will be exposed to the brand since search engines lead them to it organically. What’s more, people tend to trust the first results in the top search engines. People see search engines not just as helping them find the most relevant websites, but the most valuable and prestigious sites, too.

Both of these factors, as well as the increased user-friendliness of the site as a result of an SEO strategy, can help your business beat out the competition. Increased visibility and reach, increased traffic and conversions, increased brand awareness and trust and all give you a highly advantageous position in the market.

SEO might be just what your business needs

Besides all the advantages above, working with an SEO agency like Click Through Digital is incredibly cost-effective compared to advertising. Rather than paying for an ad that runs a set amount of times before it’s gone, you’re investing in building organic traffic to your website. Organic methods like SEO last much longer and have a greater long-term impact on your business website.