DACC: Reconstructing Media Production Relations with Blockchain and Reproducing Subversive Power  

Blockchain is considered to be the next-generation disruptive core technology after steam engines, electricity, and the Internet. After the emergence of the blockchain, the fast-growing Internet suddenly became a “traditional industry.” According to a recent Deloitte report, “Blockchain may disrupt existing business models, but it can also reshape new business models.” Blockchain through machine trust, reduce trust costs, and achieve a large cooperative network with almost zero cost; Decentralization realizes an intermediary-free value transmission network, accelerates the transmission of value, and improves organizational operational efficiency. The interrelationships in the production process, distribution, etc. may be disruptive changes due to blockchain technology. This has caused a structural change in all industries.

Analogous to the industrial revolution caused by the Internet, the Internet has changed the mode of communication, and digital media content has spread rapidly through the Internet, causing traditional paper media to suffer heavy losses after the birth of new media. Nowadays, the blockchain has triggered new propagation changes: information distribution does not cross, multi-point links, synchronization and sharing across the entire network, recording by timestamp, permanent preservation, and unmodifiable. The new blockchain propagation model will again subvert the media production relationship.

DACC is the world’s first decentralized content management content chain, using blockchain technology to bypass content aggregators, platform providers, and royalty collections, reshaping the value propagation path of the content industry. The DACC is called the creator of the content of the blockchain empowerment, and it is also the change maker that has driven this era. From the perspective of the media industry ecosystem, DACC will implement the content distribution method of dimidiated and community autonomy, improve the fairness of value transmission, and protect the rights of content producers and consumers.

DACC blockchain technology protects the copyright of content producers and directly connects content consumers

The disadvantages of the paper media model in the past were passive acceptance by users, poor selectivity, and a single distribution channel. Afterwards, the Internet model made content production easier to spread and faster, but this increased the difficulty of copyright protection. At the same time, most of the users were under the control of the big platform. The creators, especially the long-tailed creators, were hard to profit and the distribution of benefits was unfair.

First of all, DACC uses IAM to save the copyright, content, and usage information with the timeline on the public books of DACC. This makes every review and use of the work available on the chain and guarantees the rights of copyright owners. Second, by creating an encrypted digital currency DACC Token, DACC authenticates content access and usage rights, and directly connects content owners and users: Users can purchase rights directly from content owners, reducing consumer transaction cost;

The content owner directly gains the benefits of content distribution and avoids the benefits of the original content being extracted by the centralized platform.

Through blockchain technology, DACC makes content dissemination transparent, difficult to tamper with, and does not rely on intermediaries. It can achieve safe, efficient, and low-cost value transmission. The ultimate benefit is that the entire value transfer process from content producers to consumers is more efficient , stimulate the productivity of content creators and increase users’ willingness to spend.

DACC Incentives Community Independent Content Dissemination

Nobody can resist the value-chaining blockchain, everyone needs a quick access to information, and the community is undoubtedly the fastest.

The DACC has designed a content dissemination reward mechanism for the community: activities that are helpful to the DACC community, such as writing reviews with unique insights, helping to improve the work, maintaining community operations, sharing community content, and expanding community influence. These activities will all be rewarded in Token form. In addition, members of the community continuously urge more friends to enter the DACC community, share quality content, establish a virtuous cycle of content distribution forms, and solve the problem of lack of traffic from the media in order to obtain greater profits. The DACC’s community operating mechanism enables the collaborative model of content creation and distribution to become more decentralized, more efficient, and more collaborative, forming a new production and communication relationship.

DACC establishes a distributed content production, dissemination, and transaction platform through the blockchain system, which reduces traffic costs and solves the problem that a large number of content creators and communicators in the social media era cannot obtain the deserving benefits. On the blockchain distributed platform, content creators, content distributors, and content consumers can freely set up different transaction mechanisms to complete content matching transactions. Eventually a new model is implemented, the value of content is determined through a free market mechanism, and both content creators and communicators receive economic returns.
Every revolution comes from a change in the relations of production. This time, the blockchain itself acts as a tool for change. The DACC has established a world-class entrepreneurial team and a top-notch consulting team. It uses blockchain technology to empower traditional industries and transforms media production relations with a win-win concept, which subverts and promotes the development of the industry.