CryptoGalaxy is recruiting first batch of players for closed-beta test — Be the first planet host

If you are still staying in the web-based blockchain “game”, you might be outdated in a few days.

Crypto Galaxy is the world’s first virtual universe on blockchain.

This entertainment DApp under Zeepin ecosystem consists of thousands of galaxies and planets. Players can discover and purchase a customized planet with GALA token. Every planet has its collection value and can generate GALA through gaming mechanism.

iOS & Android Clients

What differentiates this game from Web games is that you can download a mobile App to get started right away. The Portable mobile client is the direction of the future for blockchain games.

Exquisite Graphics

The designers of CryptoGalaxy make sure every frame is excellent and that every screenshot can become a wallpaper, which is going to draw people’s attention once it’s shared.

3D Real-time Rendering & 360º Seamless Rotation

Rendering to all the planets will be made in real-time on mobile clients with 3D effect. Just slide your fingertip to rotate the planet. How can you not love it?

GalaBot Interstellar Mining Machine

Wanna adopt a robot like Wall-E? Every GalaBot has different features, which can be upgraded by completing tasks. It can get cooler when installed with build parts. Come sign up for closed-beta test qualification if you want to be the first to own it!

Country Ranking List

Every adventurer is a representative of their own country. The country with the most planets will be the hegemon of this adventure in outer space.

CryptoGalaxy is now recruiting first-batch players for closed-beta test! The number of places is limited. There will be 2 rounds of beta tests as described below:

1st Round: VIP test

Closed round of beta-testing reserved for Youtube influencers, bloggers, professional reviewers.

Selection Conditions (at least one of the following)

  1. Own a blog or Youtube channel with more than 1000 subscribers or have filmed a video related to Zeepin before.
  2. Work in gaming industry or a gaming evaluation agency with experience of at least 5 years or achievement of creating professional content in the industry.
  3. Work as a journalist/copy writer in a blockchain vertical media or a developer in blockchain technology.
  4. Come from a Korean media company, or from Zeepin Korean community holding more than 50k ZPTs

As a professional reviewer, you are required to create high-quality review content to help us.

You are required to promote this project through your social influence with videos, articles or posts.

TIME: April 3 – April 8

Sign up if you want to own your planet ahead of others! We will choose the best candidates to help us polish the world’s coolest blockchain entertainment DApp.

If you are interested and fit the requirements, contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

2nd Round: Public closed-beta test

Anyone will be able to join our »Planet Petition« program. All you will have to do is register, vote for your country and spread the word about CryptoGalaxy on your social media. Most active participants will be chosen daily and will be displayed on the daily leaderboard. We will reward the best with the chance to become one of the CryptoGalaxy game beta testers and receive your own unique planet before the others.

Follow our official Twitter account for further details and instructions regarding public closed beta test and Planet Petition:

TIME: April 8 – April 16

How to Apply

Participate in »Planet Petition« program and follow the instructions. Let the best and most active win!

Zeepin Korean Meetup

Zeepin will host its first ever meetup in Korea on April 21st. We will open both ZPT and fiat payment for the tickets. Bombing news will be announced about Crypto Galaxy during this occasion with limited gifts we specially prepared. It’s guaranteed to be an unforgettable and worthy event! Come and join us!

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