What’s a Security Token Offering? And How Do You Market it?

Security token offerings are the new thing in the crypto market, after initial coin offerings (ICOs). When the cryptocurrencies first came to the fore, ICOs were a very common means of raising money for crypto startups. The crypto wave, however, seems to have been overshadowed by security tokens. Security tokens have also heralded an era of security token offerings (STOs). Let us look at what STOs are and how they are relevant in the financial and digital worlds.

Understanding Security Tokens

It is possible that you have already seen some security token news, especially if you follow crypto news in general. Security tokens are the new form of token that is targeted particularly at investors. In the financial markets, securities are financial instruments that have monetary value and which can be traded in exchanges. Security tokens are thus the financial instruments of the crypto market. These tokens are not the form of tokens though. You can generally find other kinds of tokens like utility tokens.

Security Token Offerings

As indicated earlier, there are some few commonalities between ICOs and STOs. To start with, the process of selling both items is almost the same. STOs are offered to investors in the same manner that ICOs are offered to buyers. But in contrast to ICOs, the expectation of investors of STOs are not usually looking forward to the appreciation of the tokens that they buy. Instead, they buy into the assets in order to benefit from dividends, cash flows and other items tied to the securities.

The key issue that distinguishes security tokens from other kinds of tokens is the fact that these tokens come with an intrinsic value. When an STO is issued, therefore, there are expectations that investors have on the particular token. Security tokens are also fully compliant with regulations that have been put forth by regulatory bodies. It is thus possible for investors to engage in trade with a common understanding of the rules of the market.

At a time when there have been security issues raised by various stakeholders in the crypto market, security tokens are just the right kind of digital asset. Companies have the capacity to create blacklists and whitelists; this makes it possible for them to avoid money laundering traps and other illegal activities. In overall thus, STOs are the evolution of crypto assets. The items on this market have clear guidelines that have made it possible for institutions to participate in the market.

How to Market STOs

If you have a company in the security tokens market, then the most important thing to know is how to market your STOs. Generally, the process of marketing STOs is not much different from traditional marketing. You will need to know your target audiences, have support mechanisms for your community, have proper trading exchanges and follow the feedback of your audience. Since the internet will be an important part of your marketing strategy, having the right SEO will also be crucial. In overall, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of security tokens will help you come up with a formidable marketing strategy.