Huge Anticipation for New Crypto Exchange Streamex

New exchange platform is gearing up for their token sale, ahead of the platform’s June 1 launch. And there appears to be no shortage of excitement in the crypto community.

Both a high-powered crypto exchange and a revolutionary “social trading” platform, Streamex promises to deliver the most advanced crypto trading platform available today. The wide range of features offered, some not seen in any other exchange running today, are intended to provide a better, more engaging experience for both novices and experts. The idea is to encourage more people to get into crypto, and keep them active.

The exchange is accompanied by the STE token. Interest in the token is running high already, with over 75,000 people whitelisted in a matter of weeks since applications opened. Following in the steps of the positive trends seen by other big exchange-linked crypto tokens, STE promises high-ROI potential on the back of a real and current use case.

Read on to see why you should sit up and take notice of Streamex and STE.

The Next Big Exchange Token

Exchange tokens are taking off in 2019. In the past, crypto has been dominated by flashy projects with implied future value. Exchange tokens, however, carry a very real and very current use case, and traders are beginning to respond. Binance Coin (BNB) alone has almost tripled in value since the start of the year.

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The reason tokens like BNB, and now STE, are rising in popularity is that their value is tied to activity on crypto exchanges. Whether buying or selling, you’re incentivized to hold exchange tokens in order to benefit from reduced fees. More exchange users means more use of these tokens, meaning higher scarcity and higher value.

STE token isn’t trying to replace the USD or EUR. It has a use case from day one of its launch, and as the Streamex exchange grows in popularity, the STE token presents a great ROI opportunity. By allowing users access to a number of features on the platform, as well as zero trading fees once you hold over a certain amount of STE, it’s likely to be in high demand before long.

Over 75,000 Whitelisted Already

Investors are starting to take notice of the potential Streamex holds. This is shown in black and white by the 75,000+ passing through whitelist applications only three weeks after opening. The crypto community appears to be responding to the points of difference Streamex brings.

One of the main features being introduced is community trading pools. Users who want to enter the crypto market but lack the time or expertise can contribute and buy pool shares, for pools managed by Streamex-verified traders. No shady deals from cold emails, which amount to pyramid schemes.

The other facet is “social trading”. Traders have the option to create a profile page, allowing others to follow and gain insights on their trading performance. The way people can build a following is not unlike how Twitter and Telegram have existed for traders, except this model provides a clear way for traders to earn a revenue stream from their followers.

Social trading also lets users compete with each other, and earn even more income (plus exposure and bragging rights) from making smart trades. Part of the social trading concept is gamification and leaderboards, offering quarterly and yearly rewards to the top-performing traders. Users have the opportunity to take their place in the ranks of Streamex’s Master Traders, a global trading hall of fame.

Not just bells and whistles, Streamex at its heart is a high-powered, intuitive crypto exchange. It boats a high-powered matching engine, able to process 5,500,000-6,600,000 orders per second. The user interface is smart and easy to use, allowing customizable layouts, margin trading, stop-loss, and trading directly from the chart. A native mobile app (the Streamfolio app) allows users to stay active from anywhere. There’s also a fiat gateway (USD and EUR) enabled from day one of the exchange’s launch.

The Streamex exchange is planned to launch on June 1st. Presale has recently launched, and the main crowdsale is approaching. To learn more about the project, go to