Blockchain sports quiz platform-Combo TV goes online

On June 26, 2018, in the final round of Russia World Cup Group A 2018, Uruguay defeated Russia 3-0 in the Samara Arena and the three-game victory was promoted to the top of the group. In the final round of the World Cup Group B, Portugal scored 1 to 1 with Iran in the Arena of Moldova and they will play against Uruguay in the 1/8 final. If Argentina wins Nigeria in the final round, it is still possible to promote knockout match…. The World Cup has already become hot and ComboTV, the blockchain sports quiz platform, is now online, giving users and players a rich quiz. In addition to investing in your favorite team, you also have the opportunity to get a Mercedes-Benz C-Class and you can also share MSC worth 2 million.

ComboTV focuses on competitive live content of sports events to become a video social platform to provide global users with comprehensive, timely, fun viewing and guessing games and other services, providing community and quiz game services for all types of live content.

It is reported that in addition to quiz Mercedes Benz and share MSC worth 2 million, the benefits of the ComboTV preparing for new users during the World Cup, the new user can get 50 MSC rewards to freely participate in the guessing game once they register official website. The MSC is the pass card for the ecological value of the MSC streaming media copyright trading platform. ComboTV is used as the core DAPP application of the MSC project and its pass card MSC will serve as the economic system of ComboTV to help users more easily participate in the contest.

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