AiloadNET Will Open the First Batch of White List Registration

Recently, AiloadNET officially announced that the first batch of whitelist registrations will be by internal invitation. Users who do not receive an invitation will not be able to register for the whitelist to participate in AiloadNET and will have to wait until the next batch of registrations opens.

AiloadNET is a decentralized platform for artificial intelligence. The platform provides a series of services based on blockchain AI for organizations or individuals who are not in a position to independently develop AI, covering marketing, promotion, games, VR, personal assistants, drones and many other industry fields that require AI participation. Simply put, AiLoadNET is an application store about AI artificial intelligence. 

Through AiLoadNET, companies, organizations, and individuals can empower their AI agents to participate in the marketplace, buy or sell products and services, so that AI no longer exists in silos and no longer needs to rely on specific companies, infrastructure, or industries to function. AI can use the AiLoadNET marketplace to purchase rare and valuable datasets or analytic capabilities that would normally require in-house development from scratch. AI can also use the AiLoadNET Marketplace to profit from its own assets, creating significant value from proprietary information, algorithms, and functionality.

Advantages of AiloadNET

AiLoadNET has made significant progress in key areas such as face recognition, language recognition, emotion perception, language learning, and logic application processing. AiLoadNET has implemented experimental results in artificial intelligence robots. The market forecasts the AI market to reach $3.1 trillion by 2025, and AiLoadNET will capture one-third of the market.   

In addition, using AiloadNET has huge network advantages compared to other projects.

  • Access – AI agents can leverage previously unique datasets, structuring and monetizing them to serve big data. 
  • Accuracy – Users can work with information sets of higher complexity. 
  • Efficiency – Collaborative AI can perform beyond the original organization. 
  • Contingency – A combination of different AI tools will bring emergency intelligence and processing capabilities that other platforms cannot provide.
  • Speed – Information can be processed faster than competitors. 
  • Creativity – AI can dynamically create new capabilities with new data sets and capabilities.  

Join AiloadNET

Currently, AiloadNET is by invitation only, and it still wants more users to have the opportunity to join to “democratize” AI and achieve AiloadNET ability to continue to innovate and change. For more information please visit: