What to Look for in a Good Self Storage Unit

Whether you need something stored short-term or you plan to keep some items locked away for a long time, finding self storage units that are easy to access but still secure is an important job. For those who need self storage in Barrie or the surrounding area, both Mapleview Self Storage self storage units and Yorkdale Self Storage provide good options that you should consider. Both areas are secure, well-lit, and easy to access for those who have a need for quality Toronto self-storage.

Climate Control

While not every storage job requires climate control, you need to make sure that any self-storage services you consider have the option if you plan to keep vehicles, electronics, or even important paperwork in a unit. If you store delicate items in self storage units that are not properly climate controlled, you can wind up with damage caused by extreme heat, severe cold, or high humidity. Both Mapleview Self Storage and Yorkdale Self Storage self-storage services provide plenty of choices for those who seek a climate controlled self storage selection. The better the climate control, the less you have to worry when you go to retrieve the items you left in storage.

Video Surveillance

Although Ontario sees relatively little in terms of crime, Toronto self storage services need to be prepared for the worst. This means having secure locks on the doors of each unit that only the owners of the units have keys to. It also means using video surveillance to both discourage criminals and track them should they attempt to steal or vandalize a unit. When video cameras are prominently displayed, they serve as a warning to let potential thieves know they shouldn’t even bother. Ideally, you should be able to see several video cameras near your unit, making it difficult for anybody to approach unnoticed. These cameras should be running 24 hours per day and seven days per week for maximum effect.

Locks and Lighting

The best form of lock for most storage units is a disc style lock. This style hugs the hasp of the storage unit, making it easy for somebody with the key to access but making it difficult for a person with bolt cutters to damage the lock and gain access to the unit. You should also receive a guarantee that nobody else outside the storage company has the key to the lock. In addition to a well-designed lock, your storage unit should be protected by excellent lighting, both day and night, throughout the lot. Good lighting makes it harder for anybody to sneak around or to perform actions that the security cameras on the premises might not notice.

Each of the features above is essential to a good storage space. Those in the Toronto area are very lucky, because the self storage units offered by both Mapleview Self Storage and Yorkdale Self Storage provide all of these features and more. When it comes to making sure that your belongings are safe, those in the Barrie and Toronto area have excellent options to choose from.