What Things to Consider Before Buying Chameleon Cages?

Chameleons are surprisingly popular as private and public collections. There are over 195 species discovered till now ranging in different sizes. Regardless of their specifics, they make a good pet.

Whether you are an environmentalist who is under a job to collect chameleons or someone with a peculiar hobby to do so you will need a cage. But choosing cages for chameleons can be a confusing job. You don’t want your pet to get frustrated or it can have bizarre ramifications especially in this case. So here are some things to consider before you buy the cage:


The first thing to figure out is the material of the cage. You can choose an enclosure that is made out of PVC, glass, wood or any other suitable material. Each material will have its own pros and cons this is why choose it wisely. For example, PVC is durable, lightweight and easier to maintain but it is expensive. This requires you to do some research on the Internet.


This is a very important thing for you to consider. You don’t want your chameleon to escape in mid of the night scaring everybody out of their bed. They are very good at escaping. You need to make sure it is secure at all the times. A cage with good security will also protect it from potential intruders especially if you have other pets living in the house as well.


Despite of being inactive, chameleons need a lot of space. They need more space to move around. Barriers can stress them out this is why a small cage is not at all recommendable. Some specific requirements come into play depending on the kind of species so you should be welcoming surprises. In fact, some chameleon owners have even dedicated a whole room of their house to a pair. They need ample climbing space. Cage must be well-ventilated for their well-being. Heavily cover the cage with plants and vines for their comfort.


Chameleons bask in the sun to keep warm. They also do it to acquire Vitamin D. Most chameleons love the sun. However, there will be some who may prefer burrowing themselves in the ground. This requires you to make the cage accordingly internally and externally. You can use full-spectrum lights as an alternative to the sun. So when purchasing the cage, make sure specific requirements are met in order for your petted chameleon to live in peace.

Heat control

Heat control is a very important thing to take into account when choosing a cage. You have to research about specific temperature requirements of your chameleon and then make the purchase. You don’t want the environment to be either too cold or too hot for your pet to survive. The cage must be able to maintain the temperature in an optimal manner for a possible survival. The heat must be contained in the right manner for a better environment.