What are the Different Kinds of Jewellery?

One of the beneficial impacts of advancement in technology is that it has assisted the jewel industry in innumerable ways. Gone are the days when gold and diamonds were the premium amongst jewels. Now we have different stones accessible that are utilized turn it into an elegant piece of jewelry.

Given the multitude of types available, it has become difficult for end consumers to choose the best option amongst all. Even though it depends on preferences, here are some categories of jewelry that can help you to make a well-informed purchase.

Vintage jewellery

Vintage jewelry is one of the most desirable types in the market. It is loved by most of the people due to the charm and elegance it has to offer. However, these jewelries are at least 20 years old and some collectors even consider the jewelry to be at least 30 years old to fall into this category. It is preferable amongst many celebrities and are especially worn on occasions.

Costume jewellery

This is more towards the casual spectrum. It is a type that is manufactured to look like a fine jewelry or is a reproduction. It is typically made out of less expensive materials. It might use materials like crystal, cubic, zirconia or plastic gemstones. It can be worn on different costumes and in casual settings in order to complement with the overall outfit. However, it imperative to consider the quality of costume jewelry before purchasing it to determine its durability.

Viking jewellery

Viking jewellery is one of the unique types available in the market. It reflects masterful artistry that portrays geometric and abstract patterns as well as images of animals, nature and mythology. Previously, the metal preferred was silver however there was a variation according to the preference of purchaser and the purpose. Many of the pendants worn before were either connected to some kind of magical powers or some faith. However, the contemporary pieces are now a reproduction of the authentic pieces made before.

Designer jewellery

Designer jewelry is the trademark of status and elegance. Pieces by famous jewelry house such as Bvlgari, Hermes, Tiffany, Roberto Coin and Graff are immensely popular in this day and age. It doesn’t necessarily mean they must be expensive but it represents fine craftsmanship that you cannot find elsewhere. Due to the brand name they have created, it is highly recognized by most of the wearers. Generally, it is costly and cannot be afforded by everyone.

Antique jewellery

One may get confused between vintage and antique jewelry but there is a subtle difference that must be observed before purchasing either of them. Antique pieces of jewelry are over 100 years old. One can look for the old European cut diamonds, platinum and rose cut stones. These are generally expensive.

The bottom line

Here was a guide on different types of jewelry available. However, it is not an exhaustive list. There are other different types as well that can be taken into account.