What Are the Different Kinds of Boots

Boots have always done more than shoes. Inception of boots started a revolution in a fashion industry. But the real confusion lies within the different kinds of boots that are widely available nowadays. From the best work boots to equestrian boots, we have innumerable options to select from.

A wide range of choices have made the selection process more daunting. This article will guide on the different types we can purchase from the market. Here are some of them listed:

Dress work boot

These types are boot can be used in a versatile manner. Even though it is styled after a work boot, it doesn’t mean than the boot can only be used for work purposes. In fact, it is an ideal fashionable product crafter in a stylish manner. It is designed keeping durability in mind emphasizing more on masculine look.

Dress work boots compliments seamlessly with jeans and other casual outfits. However, it must be avoided during formal settings since the look is purely casual.

Western boots

Western boots are highly popular in the state of Texas. Keeping in mind its functionality, it serves the purpose of keeping a man protected from the terrain. It also emphasizes on durability along with maximum comfort.

Even though these boots exhibit a cowboy-like look, it can be worn confidently even one doesn’t want to have such appearance. However, make sure western boots doesn’t have flashy and brightly colored textures which would otherwise ruin its vintage appeal.

Hiking boots

Hiking boots can be one of the most comfortable options you can find in the market. They are specifically designed to support ankles and provide them with cushion. It even protects the user from a number of uncomfortable elements being light enough not to drain the stamina of person wearing it.

If you are considering to travel on an outdoor trip that entails strenuous activities like hiking, then consider these boots as your priority.

Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots have been here for a long time being a combination of style and comfort. It was previously known as the Paddock boot which was originally designed for Queen Victoria herself.

Chelsea boots became iconic all over UK when bands like Rolling Stones and Beatles started wearing them. However, the trend is still going on with a high rate of success.

Winter boots

If you are residing in a climate where it is freezing cold outside, then winter boots are the right choice. They might look like normal regular boots but have a wonderful fur lining. It is for every person who likes warm feet and doesn’t want to compromise on style.

However, this is a high budget item and much difficult to find if you live in warmer climates.


There are hundreds of types of boots available widely in the market. Nevertheless, here were the main ones that are typically purchased. Going through these types can give you a better idea about the types available.