What are the Different Kinds of Boots

Boots are an essential part of everyday wear. Seasons like fall and winter and special occasions demand a sleek pair of boots which can withstand the usage without damaging your feet or your outlook. Following kinds of boots can be frequently found in men’s footwear:

Chelsea Boots:

Chelsea Boots have a minimal yet sleek design. The boots have a slip-on style with the slim leather sole. The sharp toe box adds to the elegance of these boots. You can wear them with suits, chinos, and even jeans. However, these boots offer a formal look and look best while going out.

Jodhpur Ankle Boots:

Jodhpur ankle boots are similar to Chelsea boots. The main difference lies in the ankle strap which is mounted at a 360 degrees angle instead of the elastic side bellies. These shoes add an element of European style in your outlook and look best with trousers which are tapered trim or slim jeans.

Chukka Boots:

If you are looking for a casual ankle boot, Chukka boots are the best pick for it. Featuring only 2-3 eyelets and short laces, the chukka boots are reserved for casual styling with jeans and chinos. However, if you have a suede-rich of Chukka Boots, it can also work well with flannel trousers.

Harness Boots:

Alternatively known as riding boots, harness boots are designed to give a tough, rugged and sturdy outlook to the wearer. These shoes are perfect to sustain use and abuse- all the while protecting your feet from external damages and internal injuries. Meant for hardcore activities such as motorcycle riding, these boots are capable of standing the test of the time.

Work Boots:

Work boots, which are widely considered to be a part of workwear, will always be an essential part of men’s footwear. Work boots are specifically designed to withstand the roughness of working environments. They feature steel toes and are cut from thick hides. This design gives them the best ability to protect your feet and offer you great control. Timberland and Red Wings are the top manufacturers of best work boots.

Desert Boots:

Desert boots are actually a variant of Chukka Boots. These military altered boots feature flexible gum soles. These gum soles are specifically added to walk easily on dry and dusty military tracks.

Alpine Boots:

Suitable for ski trips during snowy days, Alpine boots can withstand tough situations. These shoes can help you go through a day at work during nasty conditions.

Wingtip Brogue Boots:

Having perforations and serrations along the edges, the traditional wingtip brogues feature decorative perforations which are localized in the middle of the toe cap. These shoes give you a sued yet classy look when worn with suits on special occasions.

Cap Toe Boots:

Captoe Boots are perfect for beginners who are learning the principles and trends of suiting and booting. These shoes offer a medium height. When worn with tailored suits, Captoe Boots give you a sleek and sharp look for the occasion. You can also wear them with denim because of their rugged look.