Finding the Right iPhone Cover

There is no harm in spending a few extra bucks on an iPhone cover if you have already splashed out hundreds of them on the smartphone itself. It ensures that the smartphone doesn’t get scratched or broken.

Even though iPhones are getting tougher with time, a case is immensely important for its protection. This is why the market is filled with a variety of options that consumers can choose from. Despite of giving consumers a wide range of selection, it has made the purchasing process difficult.

Here is how a consumer can find the right iPhone cover.

Do Your Homework

It is imperative to conduct a background research of the cases that seems interesting. Internet is massive and people are talking about the cases online. Consumers can easily find online reviews. This can provide insight into its quality, functionality and durability. It will even reveal precise problems that users faced earlier. Having an idea about previous user experience can help consumers make the right decision.

Choose Features

Figure out the additional features needed with the case. For instance, for iPhone X covers, a landscape stand can be a vital feature because of its large screen. Some covers come with multiple positions and 360-degree hinges. Also ensure that there are precise cut-outs to avoid problems associated with camera flash reflections. Write down the things that seems essential and choose the phone covers accordingly.


How tough is your cover supposed to be? This is an important question to address. If the phone tends to drop frequently on concrete floors then some serious level of protection is needed. For careful and cautious consumers, basic level of protection is sufficient. Covers such as Otterbox Defender Series offers multiple layer of protection but it makes the phone heavier and bulky. They are even more expensive compared to other options.


IPhone covers and cases can be found at a multiple of places. Firstly, there are conventional stores and then there are online stores such as Amazon and eBay that are the cheapest places to buy. Compare prices on different platforms and choose it accordingly. It is worth to note that some manufacturers offer lifetime warranty but only if bought directly from the manufacturer. This is one of the advantages for paying the full retail price.


As mentioned above, iPhone cases and covers come in a wide range of options. Here are some of the brands that consumers can take into account when making their purchase:

  • Griffin Survivor series
  • Otterbox Defender series
  • Spigen series
  • Speck series

Consider these brands according to the features being offered and how reputable they are amongst consumers. This is how consumers can make a well-informed purchase.

The bottom line

If consumers have the opportunity to check the cases physically before making the purchase, then it is recommendable to do so. Nevertheless, above were some of the most important factors to take into account before purchasing an iPhone cover, however, it is not an exhaustive list.