Tips on Cleaning Your E-cigarettes

E-cigarettes provide cigar lovers with a great alternative to traditional cigarettes, as they are much safer and more efficient. You can use them even in areas where tobacco is banned since they are free from smoke. E-cigarettes come in many forms and flavors, and reviews have shown that they are better than traditional cigarettes in numerous ways. Just like other items, e-cigarettes are something that you use from time to time and have to be kept in a maintained and clean condition. When using them, they get dirty and cluttered, and if it is not well cleaned, it might start collecting some harmful microorganisms.

Cleaning your e-cigarette lengthens its lifespan. Keeping it free from dirt ensures that there is a sufficient vapor production, battery power effectiveness and makes sure that there is an unobstructed airflow. Cleaning the e-cigarette also ensures that it is safe for use without posing the dangers of diseases. Failure to clean it could cause problems with the tanks and atomizer once liquid residue settles on the walls of the atomizer or chimney of the tank causing flavors.

Here are some of the ways to clean your e-cigarette efficiently;

Disassemble the e-cigarette setup

Once you realize that it needs cleaning, the first thing you have to do is take the set up apart. Remove the glass from the tank, put aside the atomizer head and remove the tank from the battery. You are now ready for easy cleaning.

After disassembling the setup, check to ensure that you have everything required for the cleaning job. These may include isopropyl alcohol and a paper towel plus some q-tips to assist you in the process.

Start by cleaning the tank

Using a piece of paper towel, cautiously wipe any wetness or any sticky products from the tank. These include the glass tube, tank piece, and drip tip. You can use hot or boiled water and soap for the first cleanup and then apply some alcohol for the final touches. If you use isopropyl alcohol, make sure to give it time for evaporation. For the tiny parts of the tank such as the inner side of the airflow base, you can use q-tip to help you in cleaning. Ensure to wipe down the atomizer cone, atomizer, and the drip tip. Check if there is any outdated e-liquid stuck in the drip tip and if there is any, you can blow through it to force it out but do it lightly. If your cigarette has an atomizer cone and a protector, ensure to clean them thoroughly too.

Wipe the battery terminal

Use the dry section of the paper towel for cleaning this part. Push it inside the e-cigarette to eliminate any dirt from the battery terminal. If you do not have a paper towel or if you do not find it effective enough, you can use a cotton swab as an alternative. Repeat the procedure several times until no dirt or sticky stuff is coming out.

After you have finished with the cleaning process, change the battery and make sure you charge it. Reassemble the parts back to the way they should be. Before using it again, check to ensure that the mouthpiece is free of dust and fluff. Such stuff can block the flow of vapor making it hard for you to enjoy your vape. You can eliminate it merely by blowing through the mouthpiece or use a twisted paper towel to clean it and then use warm water to rinse it. After following these steps, your e-cigarette is now safe and ready for use.