Things to Consider When Buying Holiday Toys for your Child

Shopping for a new toy is more than randomly picking any toy from the shelves. When buying a toy for your child, you naturally want the best to bring delight to him/her. While there are so many varieties of toys to choose from, you need to make prior considerations before going down the toy aisle. 

Understandably, it can be a bit confusing to select a toy as most of them insist to be the best for your child. However, it does not have to be a daunting experience with the right shopping guidelines. Here are several things you need to consider when shopping for the hottest holiday toys for 2019 for your kids.

Age Range

This is probably the most important consideration you need to make when you go shopping.  You may find the perfect toy but discover later that it is way out of your child’s comprehension. You may also end up buying your older child a toy intended for toddlers. It is, therefore, to be keen when shopping to ensure that you buy the right toy for your child’s appropriate age.  


Not every toy is safe as we are made to believe. While toys are safe for the most part, the toy’s safety could potentially be harmful to your child. However, a rule of thumb when buying toys is to look for age-appropriate ones for your child. Notably, toys with small parts are more unsafe for infants than they are for older kids. Still, be keen on the toy’s components to determine its safety. If there seems to be so much going on with it, it could be safe to choose a different toy for your baby.


More than bringing delight to your child during playtime, a toy should encourage creativity in your child. Consider going for a toy that enhances your child’s imagination, enhances their thinking skills and offers some level of challenge to them. However, ensure that all this is within the child’s age limit.

Encourages Physical Activity

Nowadays, most kids want to laze around the house playing video games which can be very unhealthy for them. Consider buying toys that encourage your kids to be physically active. There are plenty of toys that are action-packed and will get your child moving around. The toy does not have to be classic and expensive, it only needs to get your child on his feet. It can something simple as a kite and your child will be running along with it at every given chance.

It Grows with your Child

Toys can be considerably expensive. What is more, your child keeps outgrowing them forcing you to constantly return to the toys’ shop. However, it does not have to be the same experience for you. Take time to research toys that grow with your child. There are many toys in the market that start with the lowest level and gradually peak at different challenging levels as your child grows. These are the kind of toys to buy if, after all, you are not keen on making frequent toy shopping trips.

Encourages Learning

Toy innovations have brought about a whole new kind of toy. For the most part, toys are simply meant for fun. Nevertheless, a toy that brings joy to your child all the while stimulating his or her mind is the ideal toy. Children at a very tender age learn quickly and a wise parent takes advantage of this to promote diverse learning to their child. Invest in toys that encourage critical thinking in your child and help them learn a couple of things during playtime.