Stocking Up for Your Newborn

Now that your bundle of joy has arrived, you’ll probably realize just how much work needs to be done. You have a lot to buy and sometimes, it could be a tad confusing. This is why we’ve compiled a list of some of the most important things that you should get, in no particular order.

Baby Clothes

It is very common for baby clothes to be usually sized according to the ages of the children. However, this sizing can also vary among brands and the manufacturers. For instance, a bodysuit for 3 month olds could be the same for 5 month olds, except by a different brand entirely. Make sure to look for clothes that will list weight or height guidelines so as to know the ones that will fit your child perfectly. Some babies have sizes that go straight to the‘3 months’ section without necessarily having to go through the ‘newborn’ phase. Although it’s pretty difficult to predict this trend in advance, it definitely won’t be too much of a bad idea to leave a few of these clothes lying around (you know, just in case). Babies grow pretty quickly, and it will be nice if you could cover every possibility.

For stuff they’ll be wearing everyday, make sure to prioritize comfort and ease of wearing. Look for things that are soft, durable, and which don’t trap too much heat. Also select well-made stuff that will still maintain their color after a lot of washing.

Organic clothing, although made using less dyes and harmful chemicals, are usually more pricey. That being said, whateveryou end up choosing, make sure to use baby-friendly detergent so as to prevent against skin irritation.


Mattresses are very important because as much as you might want to be around your baby at all times, you also have to let them sleep comfortably. There are a lot of baby-specific mattresses that you can choose, and if you don’t already know, you’ll be buying various mattresses. There are crib mattresses, bedding sets, blankets, etc. make sure to get each, so as to ensure perfect comfort for your child at all times.

Feeding Bottles

You can’t have your child eating from your plates yet. To cater for their feeding, youshould ideally start from the 4-ounce bottles. However, as your child begins to drink more, you’ll need to get some 8-ounce bottles as well. When it comes to bottles, it might be more advisable to get stainless steel or glass bottles so as to reduce the risk of chemical leaching and poisoning (a very present possibility with plastic bottles).

Nursing and Feeding Pillows

These are specially designed to keep your child comfortable while feeding. They can also help you, as they reduce the amount of strain on your neck as well. They are far more comfortable than normal pillows, and they help keep your child in position while eating.

Baby Carriers

These essentially help you to ‘wear’ your baby. That way, they’ll be able to snuggle close to you, and you’ll also have your hands free to do other things.


Strollers are an efficient way for you to transport your children while walking around town. Make sure to choose the right stroller that will make things easier for you.

Car Seat

It is sacrosanct that you get a car seat. Make sure not to buy a used car seat. You will need one that meets safety regulations, as they have been evolving over the years. Also, you might not know if a second-hand seat has been damaged in any form.


These are one of the most important items you can get for your kid. Your baby will go through a lot of them in his (or her) first weeks, so make sure to get a whole lot. If you’re going to use disposable diapers, make sure to get as many from various manufacturers, in case any one of those has an effect on your baby’s skin.

Changing Pad or Table

Although you might not actually get a table, it will be wise to apportion a place for changing diapers. If you’ll use an elevated surface, make sure to have a hand on your baby at all times. He (or she might want to get a little adventurous and you have to be careful at all times.