Some Differences Between Memory Foam Mattress Technologies You Should Know

These days, there is an ample of choices offered to the customers when it comes to memory foam mattress compositions. As a result, they get really confused in the end on which type of the mattress can actually perform best and is right for them.

There are basically three major kinds of memory foam mattresses available in the market. They are gel, traditional, and plant based. While it is true that preference is subjective, some of the main known quantities can easily be compared so that the customers can effectively determine that which of them can be ideal for their personalized needs.

If you too are among the ones that want to ensure a quality and comfortable sleep every night, choosing a right type of mattress that can best suit your needs is a necessity. So here, let us explore the differences between these major memory foam mattresses in terms of various technologies they feature and you are sure to opt for the best one!


While most of the people think that density equals quality, it might not be the case always. However, denser foams are more durable than the lesser weights. Memory foam mattresses that consist of low density foams that are less than 3 pounds are termed as “throw-aways” since they might only last till few months.

Gel based memory foam mattresses are new in the market with around an average of 3-5 lb. foam. Plant based memory foam mattresses comes with densities that range from 4-5.3 lbs. On the other hand, tempurpedic mattress comes with 5.3lb density foam in most of its traditional line. Some of its new lines even feature reduced densities. These types of mattresses are considered to be more durable than other options.

Response time

Response time is usually determined by numerous factors including changeable viscosity, composition, and rate of elasticity, resilience, and so forth. It is believed that slower the mattress returns to its original state, more likely the complaints are. The rate of measurement of top brands in each of the category is:

  • Gel memory foams – 30-45 seconds.
  • Tempurpedic memory foam mattresses – 45-60 seconds.
  • Plant based memory foam mattresses – 5-8 seconds.

Older customers or the ones having mobility issues might find it very difficult to get off the mattresses having slow response time. In case you too have mobility problems, it can be one of the major deciding factors in your mattress shopping decision. A wrongly chosen mattress may even make back and mobility issues worse.

Off Gassing

The most common concern when it comes to buying a bed or a mattress is the release of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and gassing. VOCs are large group of compounds that are carbon-based and evaporate at the room temperature. Some of the VOCs are even linked to harmful health effects. The gasses that are emitted can sometimes generate noticeable odor that most of the customers claim to decrease with time. The following is the comparison of different mattresses in terms of it.

● Traditional memory foam that is made from the petrochemicals usually releases around 61 chemicals. 18 out of it is harmful that is enough to warrant concern from international as well as state agencies. Around 5 to 15% of the people might experience a bit of discomfort with odor.

● Most of the companies combine the gel with the traditional memory foam. So, the profile of both of them is quite similar. Some of the brands of gel even exhibit fewer odor complaints as compared to the traditional memory foams.

● Memory foam mattresses that are plant based can easily be made with low VOCs. It depends on process as well as manufacturer. A proportion of petroleum based products are usually replaced with the plant ingredients. Some of the manufacturers are more concerned when it comes to using the foam ingredients, adhesives, and the other materials having less to no VOC output. However, the ones having low VOC might still have “new” smell, but they aren’t composed of the harmful chemicals.

Your choice of mattress will be dependent on your specific preferences and tastes. Having the right information will really help you in making a wise decision.