Selecting Table Lamps For Bedroom Decoration

Table lamps have been here for decades to serve as pristine decorations for bedrooms as well as other living places. These beautifully crafted table pieces disperse the shiny light coming from the incandescent into an array of catchy patterns. In addition to adding a touch of style and class into your bedroom, table lamps also make it easier to undergo routine chores easily in dim light. Whether you want to enjoy a late night literature extravaganza or simply want to spice up the vibe, table lamps are what you need in your room. Find some of the amazing table lamps at

Identify the right spot

Most of us impulsively get a table lamp and regret it later when it fails to meet the needs of the space in which it is placed. To avoid such an inconvenience, it is important that you determine where exactly will you be placing a bedside table lamp after buying it. Just as a living room table lamp can be a little too bright for your room, a pompous guest room table lamp can be a little too tacky to place in your bedroom. Picking the right spot is actually determining the functionality of the table lamp which you want for your bedroom. Make sure to determine the parameters such as the height of the lamp which you will require, table space and distance of the table lamp from your bed.

Determine the sizes

Size determination is another crucial thing to consider before you decide on buying a bedside table lamp. For small sized rooms, it is advisable to get a minimalist-themed table lamp in order to save up as much space as possible for keeping other tableside stuff. Lamp height is the most important factor to take care of in this step as it will determine your ease of viewing things without having the lamp light stinging in your eyes.

Style selection

Your bedside table lamp shall essentially fit into the vibe of your room. In bedrooms where solid colors are dominating, it is better to go for a dark-colored bedside lamp. Moreover, if you have a theme-styled bedroom, it is important to buy a table lamp which perfectly fits with the room theme otherwise it will just look unnecessary. At, you can find a number of styles and design options to choose from.

Decide shadow height

Shadow height can interfere with the table lamp luminescence and it is important to buy a table lamp which has a broader base. The broader base promises better illumination by the lamp than the narrower base table lamps.

Get the right bulb

The bulb is the essential part of any table lamp. You can either get a white light bulb or a yellow light bulb. Other color light bulbs are also available but mostly, it is good to go with the basics. The bulb should consume the least energy to save you money. Moreover, the bulb should be powerful enough to disperse lamp shadow in order to view any patterns on it.