Want to Find Toptal Competitors? Look No Further

Are you trying to find high-quality freelancers to work on your project? Toptal is one of the biggest names that you may have heard, but there are plenty of other Toptal competitors.

Even the largest companies need a freelancer from time to time. Sometimes getting a fresh outside opinion is helpful, and sometimes they just need an individual to hire for a short period of time.

What is Toptal?

Toptal is a platform which connects companies to these freelance contractors. Companies can find remote freelancers for for software engineers, finance experts, and even designers to. Toptal’s claim to fame is that they only list high-quality workers and jobs. This can obviously draw both customers in and creates a respectful environment that doesn’t have all of the SPAM.

Toptal Competitors and How They StackUp

Now that you have a better idea of what Toptal is, let’s look at some of the competition and what they have to offer you.


Crew boasts that they work with large companies such as Apple and Google, and their position as a platform is primarily to connect web developers and designers with jobs. They do a developer pre-screening test to ensure that all freelancers have the skills that they say they have, which helps to improve trust both ways.

The average hourly rate freelancers on Crew charge is $80 – $100, which is about the same as Toptal. Both Toptal and Crew have low project failure rates as well. The primary difference between the two is that with Crew, freelancers have up to 60 days to start work, and Toptal freelancers only have 21 days to begin working on a project.


Upwork is very popular among people seeking lower end work. They do not perform a pre-screening on their workers, and as a result, they have a very high project failure rate. However, if you need some quick and easy work done when quality isn’t a big issue, then they are a good choice.


Gigster was recently launched in 2016 and they feature an AI that helps to connect authorized freelancers with jobs. This AI relieves the time wasted searching out candidates for both parties, however, it does come at a cost to businesses. Gigster also sticks to a business model where they prefer to connect whole teams of developers with high-dollar contracts.

If you’re looking to hire a big team for a big job, then Gigster is definitely worth it on this front. However, if you just need one person, then Toptal might be an easier choice.

Coding Ninjas

Coding Ninjas is a platform that connects developers to jobs in under 24 hours. They provide developer pre-screening tests to ensure that only qualified freelancers are listed for hire, their project failure rates are very low, and the time to start a project is less than 2 days.

If you’re looking for a high-quality developer and you’re in a pinch for time, then Coding Ninjas is a great option to check out.

Who’s the Best For You?

If you’re looking for a freelancer who can get the job done, then you want to choose one with a low rate of project failure. You’ll also want to use a platform that screens freelancers before listing them to ensure that you aren’t hiring a scammer.

If you’re looking for speed and quality, then Coding Ninjas is definitely the best. If you want an AI to put together an entire team for a large project, then Gigster is a great option as well. Aside from Upwork, which should mainly be used for low-quality production work, the others are decent as well.