Pros and Cons of the iPad

IPad is one of the most popular tablets in the world and there are good reasons behind it. Since its inception in 2010, manufacturers sell iPad in millions every year. But no product is ever perfect. Before purchasing an iPad, it is important to go through the pros and cons.

This article will guide you on areas where iPad have stood out in the competition and where it didn’t shine as brightly as it should have. Here are pros and cons of one of the most successful digital gadgets the world has ever seen.


Exceptional technology

IPad has been leading in technology throughout this time. It was the first tablet to come out with high-resolution display and to use 64-bit processor. Each year, Apple comes up with a new iPad with better and more advanced technology. In fact, iPad Pro has advanced many laptops in terms of processing power.

The App Store

The App Store now contains more than a million applications and most of them are designed keeping iPad in mind. The applications extend beyond just games and streaming movies. You can do things like creating documents and edit movies. The most compelling advantage is that most applications are either free or cost below $5. Each application is also reviewed by actual people at Apple to ensure its quality.

User friendliness

Apple is still successful in providing users with an interface that is easy to use. It still provides an interface that is easy to learn and simple to use. However this doesn’t mean becoming a pro with an iPad overnight, but it won’t take long to happen.


The ecosystem of iPad accessories is not all about wireless keyboards, tablet cases and external speakers but goes beyond that. For instance, iRig can be used to hook your guitar into the iPad. This has allowed multi-functionality which is a major plus point.



One big disadvantage of this tablet is its cost. Compared to other tablets, iPads are very expensive. Even the cheapest iPad costs over $200 while the more expensive ones cross $500. It is not a suitable option for users who have a limited budget.

Less customization

The tablet experience cannot be changed on an iPad due to its operating system. This means that some applications are simply not available and there are limitations on what you can customize. The competition is a little more liberal in this case. However, some applications can be accessed if you jailbreak the device. It is not something that Apple supports in any way and it makes things more complicated for the layman.


There is nothing you can do if you run out of space on on iPad. It doesn’t support external drives. IPad is much more limited in this context which turns out to be a major negative for tablet users.

The bottom line

Apple has always been shining out in the competition, particularly iPads. However, a lot depends on personal preferences. From an objective standpoint, these devices have been incredibly successful. The pros clearly outweighs the cons making it an ideal product for most of the users.