Mistakes To Avoid On Moving Out Cleaning

People usually make certain mistakes while cleaning their home when they are moving out. In fact, house cleaning is not an easy task if you are not an experienced cleaner. It becomes harder when you have to clean your home to save your deposit by satisfying your landlord. Here are some of the common moving out cleaning mistakes which can be avoided:

Soaking dirty upholstery in water: If your upholstery has stains of wine, coffee or some other type then it is not right to soak it in water. Water can not only increase the size of stain but also make it harder to remove as the water will be soaked by its cushioning. Moreover, it will help in the growth of molds in your sofa along with making it difficult to dry it properly. So, you should allow the water-soaked upholstery to dry for a couple of days before using it again.

Not testing carpet cleaning products before using: If your carpet has stains that were not treated instantly then you will have to use some carpet cleaning products to clean them. But most people do not test these products on a small part of the carpet due to haste of completing the house cleaning quickly. It can damage the color and texture of the carpet if the cleaning agent has harsh chemicals.

Vacuuming carpet improperly: Usually, people vacuum carpets only in one direction but fail to remove dust from it. When carpets are vacuumed in one direction the instead of removing dirt it pushes down the dirt deep into the carpet to sit there for long. The carpet should be vacuumed in backward and forward directions to reach its twisted fibers and clean them effectively. It will help in making your carpet look clean and fresh without damaging it.

Cleaning electronics with spray cleaners: Many people clean electronics like cell phone, computers, and LCD TVs by using detergents like window cleaners, etc. Such spray cleaners can damage your devices instead of cleaning them. You should use the mixture of vinegar and water in equal quantities for this purpose. Moreover, for cleaning the gadgets you should never use a paper towel as their fiber can be harmful to their delicate structure. You can use a cloth made of microfibers to clean your electronic items gently.

Spray cleaning agent directly on the surface: The cleaner you spray directly on the furniture or countertops can form build-ups on the surface which can be hard to remove. These build-ups can also accumulate dust and dirt with time and make the surface look sticky and greasy. You can avoid such issues by spraying the cleaner on a cloth and applying it gently on the surfaces to clean them effectively.

Scrubbing the stains on the upholstery and carpets: People usually get tempted to scrub the stain they see on their upholstery or carpets to remove it effectively. But this action can damage the surface of their upholstery or carpets instead of removing the stain. In place of scrubbing the carpet or upholstery, you should blot the stain as much as possible when it is wet and use detergent to treat it. You can use a good cleaner to soak the old and dried spot and dry it by blotting rather than scrubbing it.

Avoid cleaning dishwasher: During moving out cleaning people usually overlook the cleaning of the most frequently used kitchen appliance, dishwasher. It is most important to clean the filter of the dishwasher as it soaks up the dirt from the dishes which can choke it. So it is important to clean the dishwasher filter frequently as per the instructions provided by the company. You can easily remove odors and greasy spots from your dishwasher just by putting a cup of detergent in its container and run the hot water cycle of the machine. Similarly, its filter can be cleaned by soaking it in warm water for 20-30 minutes.

Avoid regular cleaning of the filter of your cooker hood: The regular cleaning of the cooker hood is normally neglected even if it is used frequently. The grease and dirt in the cooker hood can clog its filter which can be dangerous for the person cooking food in it. You should clean it regularly as per the instructions provided by its producers.

Thus, by avoiding some of the moving out cleaning mistakes you can easily please your landlord and secure your deposit.